10 Real Ways To Make Money From Home In 2022

Making money from home is not a joke. The Internet has made it possible for everyone to make money online in many ways, and it has become commonplace in Western countries. Whether you have a full-time job or not, these 10 real ways to make money from home, will allow you to earn extra money from home while have more time with people or things that are worthwhile, regardless of location.

You may have seen many other articles offering up to 30-50 ways and techniques to make money online, but this article will only tell you the 10 most realistic, feasible and repeatable ways.

These 10 methods are all legitimate jobs, career development or Ideas for running an online business, so don’t worry. But of course, all worthwhile results require time and effort, just like the fact that you’ve been studying for more than 10 years before you find a regular job income.

10 Real Ways To Make Money From Home

Is it feasible to make money from home?

I believe that you, like me before, are half-hearted about this. In fact, the change of the times has already started. As early as the era when you can write blogs, earning money from home using the Internet has been happening.

10 Real Ways To Make Money From Home

Some people choose to quit their regular jobs to earn money online, or have regular jobs to earn extra income online, this kind of lifestyle is called Digital Nomads

Quick / Fast money: This category is more like doing part-time work online, paying time to complete specified tasks in exchange for money, which is conceivably only a way to earn money with immediate returns. But because there is no monetary cost, basically anyone can do it.

Long-term business: This type of method requires money costs and a longer investment time, it may take a few months to a year to earn the first income, but it is a long-term return, the income can be beyond imagination. And it costs money, but it is not high, about $20-400, so it is still suitable for most people.

Doing online survey

This is a method I use whenever I have time. User data, customer feedback is very important to companies, so many brands around the world will find market research companies for online surveys, for each survey you may earn 5-100USD. Of course, you will not get rich by filling out surveys, but at home, every time you fill out one, the feeling of having more money in your bank account is very good.

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How do you do it?

  1. Apply for several online survey platform accounts 
  2. Choose the right survey to complete 
  3. Get a gift card or use PayPal to get cash

A few popular surveys sites are Lifepoints, ySense and Survey Junkie

10 Real Ways To Make Money From Home

Selling Photos

Many companies and online media need to use a lot of relevant photos to produce content, but of course, high-resolution photos need to be purchased. Therefore, many photography enthusiasts will sell their photos and videos on the platform, and the profit differs from platform to platform, the commissions are between 20-60% of the sold price.

How do you do it?

  1. Apply for a platform account
  2. Upload your work
  3. As long as there is download of your photos, you will get income

It is recommended to upload material with a theme and high commercial value, for example, a person running, because it may be used by online media talking about sports or health, or a Tokyo landmark, which will be used by online media talking about Japan.

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Being a freelancer

As more and more people or small businesses are emerging, some of the tasks are outsourced because they do not want to spend too much money to hire full-time staff. So if you know web design, writing Code, logo design, photoshop, translation, video editing, and other skills, you may want to use these platforms to earn extra income.

Fiverr is my favorite platform, the task on Fiverr is called Gigs, Gigs price can only be $5 initially, but with the increase in reputation, sellers can set a higher price.

10 Real Ways To Make Money From Home

Sell your unused items

Admit it, there are a lot of things that you no longer use but have been piling up at home. You can sell them all to earn income, such as books you’ve read, old speakers, designer bags you no longer use, etc. I’ve tried to earn about 100USD a month just by selling my credit card freebie – a rice cooker, plus a few books.

Second-Hand Auction platform are Carousell and eBay etc…

Shorten the URL for people to click

It is to shorten the URL with the platform, any URL can be such as news, youtube clips, interesting articles, etc., and then posted to different places such as forums, Facebook, and any other platforms, when it reaches certain clicks, you will get income.

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How do you do it?

  1. Apply for Adf.ly account 
  2. Use the platform to shorten the URL when you see the content that many people will read 
  3. Go to different platforms or even WhatsApp to share with friends, etc. 
  4. When you reach a certain amount of revenue (about 5-10USD), you can apply to remit money to your Paypal

Open an online store

If you intend to run a business, you can start with an online store, and after you have accumulated a certain customer base and popularity, you can open a physical store.
There are several ways of opening an online store.

Using Instagram/Facebook
If you want to start with a platform that you are familiar with and easy to use, you can start with Instagram, because nowadays many people will use IG to search for products such as clothes and accessories. You have to make good use of the Hashtag function to make customers find you.

E-commerce platform or set up your website to open a store

The entire sales process is the responsibility of the seller – that is, you – including finding sources of goods, buying goods, setting up e-commerce stores / setting up websites, putting products on the website, customer orders, shipping, customer service, etc., in short, all the process is done by yourself.

Amazon FBA

  1. You need to look for a flat supplier
  2. Buy a certain number of items(at least 1000 pieces to be flat)
  3. Send to Amazon storage
  4. Shelf the product to Amazon, the subsequent procedures such as the following order, customer service, shipping, etc. will be responsible by Amazon.


Dropshipping is a good way to help sellers save time because the shipping process is handled by the vendor.

  1. All you have to do is to find potential products 
  2. Set up your website to put the products on the shelves 
  3. Find customers 
  4. Customers place orders on your website and pay you directly
  5. You then place orders with the supplier 
  6. The supplier sends the goods to the customers

Running a Youtube channel

Youtuber has become very common in recent years because there is no threshold, so anyone can start a channel. How can you make money with Youtuber?

Earn money on Youtube

  • Google Adsense (you need to have 4K watched minutes and 1K subscribers)
  • Channel membership (limited content that members pay to see)
  • Affiliate/Sponsored Content
  • Affiliate Marketing
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How to do it?

You do not need to have a very good camera or editing skill to start, as long as you are interested, using cell phones and then using the computer built-in software can do, slowly familiar with the skills and then improve the hardware is never too late.

10 Real Ways To Make Money From Home

Start a blog

If you don’t like to be on the video, then running a blog is for you. In fact, the way to make money is similar to Youtube, except Youtube is video and Blog is text. So how can you make money with blogs?

  • Google Adsense advertising revenue
  • Affiliate/Sponsored Content
  • Affiliate Marketing

How to do it?

  1. Set up your website 
  2. Choose a topic you are interested in and start writing articles, such as travel, cooking, fashion, etc. 
  3. Join an affiliate platform
  4. Post marketing links / Put Google Adsense ads and start making money
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Selling e-books

With the development of the network, more and more people will buy e-books, after all, it is more convenient to read at any time than a paperback book. So if you are interested in writing, whether it is fiction, teaching books, essays, etc, but generally can tools book/information is easier to promote and sell.

How do you do it?

  1. Write a book and turn the text into EPUB
  2. Shelves to the e-book platform Google Play, KOBO, etc

Create an online course

Although it will take a lot of time to prepare the teaching materials, the time required for production will be greatly reduced.

If you want to make a small amount of teaching videos at the beginning, use Udemy, which is easier but has a low commission rate, but if you want to earn more, use Teachable, which has higher commission and has a higher degree of freedom.

10 Real Ways To Make Money From Home

Final Word

Regardless of whether you have a regular job or not, you are encouraged to work on your side hustle. You can choose 1-2 ways so that you can earn extra income from the Internet in a relatively short period of time.

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