5 Affiliate Programs To Make Money With Your Website in 2022

Let us share with you the secrets of foreign online money experts in 2021, and let’s get rich together!

After your new website is up and running, the next step is to make money through Affiliate Marketing. After all, the biggest idea is to turn the content of your website articles into a dream of website cash, and then you can work four hours a week, travel the world and have money coming into your bank account every day.

There are some experts out there who are shining in online Affiliate Marketing and earning big bucks, but the reality is that you shouldn’t let that stop you from doing your day job, because earning money online is challenging. The first key is to have admirable and exciting content that will make those fans want to visit your site. Once you have a lot of traffic, the next step is to configure the revenue stream, and that’s where affiliate marketing comes in.

1. Clickbank

5 Affiliate Programs To Make Money With Your Website
  • Very high referrer commissions
  • Free registration
  • High commission rate
  • High quality eBooks
  • Only digital products

Clickbank is a major affiliate marketer that has been around for many years and has 200 million customers. They have a wide range of products and can work with many categories (especially eBooks). It’s easy to get started because anyone can create an online account, it’s free and there are no registration fees, so it’s great for startups. They are also noteworthy because Clickbank is known for having higher commission rates than other affiliated marketers. They even run a Clickbank University that teaches the ins and outs of affiliate marketing to those who are new to the field.

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The downside of Clickbank is that most of the products for sale are e-books, and although they cover several categories, most of them are low quality products with no name brand recognition.

2. ShareASale

5 Affiliate Programs To Make Money With Your Website
  • Thousands of suppliers
  • A wide range of products
  • Free registration
  • High payment threshold

ShareASale is another affiliate distributor that has had a great reputation for 18 years and was acquired by international affiliate distributor Awin last year. They have a large catalog of products that can be partnered with beauty products, branded sports equipment, luxury goods and eyewear, with nearly 5,000 vendors in total, making it easy to find products that are relevant to your site. With so many options, ShareASale uses the Power Rank system to guide you to the most popular suppliers. There is no cost to start the registration process and it is so easy that multiple site owners can sign up for all of these at once.

The downside of ShareASale is the expense. For new sites that are still building traffic, it may be difficult to reach the $50 payment threshold. Also, if your account is still below $25 for a long period of time, they can actually delete your account.

3. JVZoo

5 Affiliate Programs To Make Money With Your Website
  • SaaS Approach to Affiliate Marketing
  • Additional revenue from recruiting affiliates
  • Lower product quality
  • PayPal is only a payment option

JVZoo is a relative newcomer with six years of experience and a SaaS approach to affiliate marketing; they had to do the right thing because they were named in the “5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America” in 2016 and 2017.

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Product creators can list their products on their marketplace for free, and JVZoo gets a standard 5% commission on any products sold. Once an item is sold, marketing affiliates can immediately pay into their PayPal account without any payment threshold restrictions. In addition, there is the opportunity to earn money because affiliates can reduce the sales of any affiliate they recruit, called a “second level commission”. Finally, if the referred buyer purchases another product, the affiliate will receive a commission in perpetuity.

Disadvantages include the fact that payments are made only through the PayPal platform, without the option of direct bank transfer. Also, looking at the best-selling products, they are digital downloads of lower quality, which may lower the quality of the site. Finally, affiliate marketing commissions will be recouped to buyers who request a refund.

4. CJ Affiliate

5 Affiliate Programs To Make Money With Your Website
  • 20 years experience
  • Deep link automation
  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Painstaking two-stage application process

CJ Affiliate is a popular affiliate marketing program with global reach, formerly known as Commission Junction, dating back to 1998. Other features include deep link automation to automatically pass links that lead to CJ Advertiser domains, and real-time transaction monitoring.

While this sounds great, the stumbling block is the application process. First, you need to apply for your site based on traffic, optimization and content quality, which needs to be deemed worthy of becoming a partner. But that’s only the first step, because then you need to apply for each provider individually for the products you want to sell, and you may not be accepted into their individual affiliate programs, which makes it a much harder process to get up and running.

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5. Amazon Affiliate


5 Affiliate Programs To Make Money With Your Website
  • Easy to apply and accept
  • Large product catalog
  • Low commissions in most categories

Almost everyone already has an Amazon account and buys from them, so it definitely makes sense to work with them as an affiliate marketer in their Amazon affiliate program. They also sell almost every products, so you can make sure that their product listings are relevant to the content on your site.

It’s also free to join, and once you are accepted by the program, you can sell any Amazon product, including third-party products, without having to enter an individual program. You also have the opportunity to earn commissions not only on the specific products advertised, but also on any other products purchased within 24 hours of being recommended by Amazon.

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The March 2017 policy change was frustrating for many users because the commission rates were as high as 10%, but most categories lowered quite a lot. For example, the commission rate for video games is only 1%, while the commission rate for TVs is 2% , making it difficult to generate greater profits.

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