8 Most Useful Free SEO Tools To Explore Your Keyword in 2022 !

In this article, I will introduce 8 of the most useful free SEO tools and more importantly. If you are looking for SEO tools that can help you get higher Google rankings, I am sure you will enjoy this article.

1. Seedkeywords

Most keyword research tools require you to provide a core keyword and come up with a series of keywords, so the competition for these keywords is quite fierce. However seedkeywords.com, on the other hand, can help you avoid these problems. Instead of simply listing the keywords, it asks the customer how they found you online and then uses those words in a traditional keyword research tool.

For example, let’s say you have an online florist. Then you might have to proceed the following steps

  • Step 1 Create a scenario (question),
  • Step 2 Give the unique URL to your contacts,
  • Step 3, get a list of core keywords.
free seo tools seedkeywords

2. Exploding Topics

You probably already know that finding new popular keywords is a goldmine, but of course, it’s easy.

If you’re still looking for old keywords, they’re sure to show up in tons of blogs, articles, Youtube videos, and the competition is fierce. But if you are looking for new keywords that are trending upwards, you will be engaging with this keyword earlier than the search results, which will allow you to become competitive in the future. Some time ago, I read an article about the keyword “mobile seo”. This keyword does not have much search volume until now, and Google has been updating the article about not optimizing mobile SEO, which means that this keyword is a hot word with an upward trend. The sooner you enter, the sooner you get the market for this word, and thus you can stay high on the first page of Google. So the question is, how do you go about finding these keywords?

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Of course, you can use google trends, but the problem is that you use google trends only if you know what keywords you are looking for. In other words, google trends can only help you to confirm the trend of this keyword, but there is no way to help you to find out the new trending hot words or topics. Therefore, the importance of this tool comes into play.

First go to the Exploding Topics home page, you will get a series of trending hot terms.

At the same time, this tool also has a database, which contains the popular topics of different industries, you can go to use this tool to familiarize yourself with.

exploding topics free seo tools


You may have heard of LSI keywords (Latent semantic indexing) before, which actually means words or phrases related to your main keywords. When you include these words in your article, google will think that your article content is more comprehensive, thus giving you a ranking boost. For example, if your target keyword is “Star Wars”, then your LSI keywords are Luke Skywalker, Jedi, Princess Leia and Millennium Falcon, which are characters from the movie.

So, the question arises again, how do I find LSI keywords? Simply enter the keywords on the LSI GRAPH page and you will easily get a list of LSI keywords that can be used in your article.

lsigraph most useful free SEO tools

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TUBEBUDDY is a free google chrome plugin that can help you optimize your YouTube videos. For example, if you want to use tags that other people’s videos are also using, then you can use this tool to check those tags; or if you are looking for keywords to optimize your video, you can also use this tool to check the competition level of that keyword on the first page of YouTube.

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tubebuddy free seo tools

5. Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker Scout takes a unique approach to keyword research, instead of asking you to enter keywords directly into the tool, it scans the page for recurring keywords. This allows you to check your competitors’ pages and catch the keywords used in their articles. You can even sort the keywords according to the opportunity. This opportunity is a result of the search volume and the strength of the competition.

6. The Google Search Console

If you talk about SEO without talking about this tool, it is a shame.

Google Search Console is extremely feature-rich and different from most of the SEO tools in the market. All the data on it comes from Google, so it is valid and reasonable. For example, you can use this tool to check the ranking of your website in SERPs, and you can also use it to check the status of your website’s internal and external links. This is nothing compared to a paid tool like Ahrefs. The most important point is that you can see all your pages that have been indexed by google.


Most of the keyword tools get their data from Google Keyword Planner. ANSWER THE PUBLIC on the other hand is a bit different. This tool focuses on questions that people ask in various forums, quora, reddit, blogs and other social media platforms, and turns those questions into great keywords. One of my favorite sections inside is VS Keywords.

Why is this VS keyword so useful? As far as I know, VS keywords are very helpful for SEO because there is usually not much competition for these terms and the people searching for these terms means they are ready to buy something. Let’s say you sell SEO services and these people are looking for what SEO is, how SEO works, and are comparing two different paid SEO tools. Then these people are exactly the audience you need.

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answer the public free seo tools

8. Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive can help you find the content of your website that needs to be updated and upgraded. Before this tool was available, we all need to manually use Google Analytics to find these pages, which is really painful. And with this tool, you will get a series of pages that need TLC. It even shows you how much traffic you’ve lost because you don’t update your content.

Animalz-Revive-free seo tools
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