9 Best Online Money Making Sites (Selling Photos) In 2022

If you like to take pictures or shoot videos. Have you ever thought of making money from your hobby? Some websites allow you to upload your photos and videos, and sell them to someone through their platforms. If you like photography and want to earn money from it. These 9 online money making sites you might want to check out.

1. Depositphotos: Commission Percentage Depends On The Number Of Downloads

Depositphotos is a high-quality commercial gallery platform, which is one of the fastest-growing image platforms in the last 10 years. Users can apply to sign up for a file provider account, pass a short exam, all you need to do is just upload just a few of their best photos. After successfully passing the exam, you can start uploading your photos to the site and starting selling. Accepted files include photos, vector images, and video images, and once the files are approved, these files will appear on the site and be offered to buyers for purchase. The requirements are that the images must be in JPEG / JPG format with RGB color space, have a minimum resolution of 3.8 MP, and cannot be larger than 50 megabytes. Revenue on the platform depends on the number of sales. This means that the commission percentage will increase when you reach a certain number of downloads. For on-demand downloads, the commission is 34% to 42%. For subscriber downloads on subscription plans, the commission is $0.30 to $0.35.

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2. Freepik: Commissions Based On The Number of Downloads, About $0.11 Per Download

Freepik is a vector and graphic resource platform. Most of the contributors are graphic designers and vector designers. The website offers 4 main categories: vectors, PSD files, icons, and photos. With over 50 million visitors per month, users who apply to become the contributor and upload files to the platform as required can earn a share of the commission for downloads, which can be about $0.11 per download.

freepik making money sites

3. Vecteezy: $5 For Every 1,000 Downloads

Vecteezy is a high-quality vector graphics and image resource. It has a wide variety of resources including icons, business, travel, life, animals, stickers, flowers, backgrounds, weddings, and more, with no limit on the number of downloads per day. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can apply to become a contributor by uploading 10 of your best images. You can earn money through creative resource downloads, earning about $5 per 1000 downloads. The Pro plan restricts sharing your creative resources with paid users only, in a 5:5 split ratio of revenue distribution.

vecteezy Online Money Making Sites

4. PhotoDune: Envato Image Selling Platform

PhotoDune is the image selling platform under Envato, a company based in Australia. With millions of active users, Envato is the world’s largest creative content marketplace. Users can upload images to the platform by applying to be a seller, and each image has a fixed price. The price per photo is clear, with most photos costing $5 and some higher-priced images at about $10 each. However, not every photo or image is suitable for PhotoDune, the platform has strict specifications.

photodune Online Money Making Sites

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5. 123RF: The More Photos Sold, The Higher The Commission Rate

With 200 million images, 123RF is one of the largest image platforms. Users can apply to be a contributor and sell images for revenue. To earn a large amount of revenue, you must sell more images. For users who pay with credits, the commission per transaction is between 30% and 60%. This means the commission can be up to $6 per download. For users with a subscription plan, the commission per sale is between $0.22 and $0.43. However, when selling extended licenses, you can earn up to $15 per download. The commission level depends on your contributor level. This level will increase as you sell more photos.

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123rf Online Money Making Sites

6. Dreamstime: Relatively Low Average Price Per Photo, But A Large Number Of Users

Dreamstime provides 139 million photos, illustrations, and vectors to 31 million users every month, covering a variety of categories and themes. There are tens of millions of photographers who sell their images through the platform to make money. As a result, it is a very large photo community with great selling opportunities. However, the average price is relatively low. Dreamstime has built different revenue models based on different levels of content. For example, the commission will vary according to the number of sales and selling under certain licenses. For contributors, Dreamstime guarantees a commission of 25% to 60% per sale. For extended licenses, you will receive 60% of the proceeds. This means you can earn up to $15-$50 per free download for the images you upload.

Dreamstime Online Money Making Sites

7. Bigstock: The Higher The Resolution Of The Image, The Higher The Commission Obtained

Bigstock is a fast-growing image platform owned by Shutterstock, with 100 million images and illustrations. Users can start uploading images by registering as Bigstock contributors and earning money from your original photos and illustrations. At Bigstock, photos are sold based on credits or subscription plans. The higher the resolution of the image, the higher the price. The contributor then gets a higher commission for high-resolution downloads. Commission can reach $3.00 per photo sold. However, for subscribed users, the commission is $0.25 to $0.38. The commission depends on the total amount of sales you have made in the last 12 months. Finally, when a user purchases your photos under an extended license, the revenue per download is $25.00.

bigstock Online Money Making Sites

8. Stockfresh: A Small Image For Sale Platform

Stockfresh is a small image-for-sale platform with millions of images. Its goal is to provide high-quality photos and vector illustrations at a price everyone can afford. On average, Stockfresh’s prices are not as low as Dreamstime and Bigstock, which creates opportunities for photographers. Stockfresh commission model is straightforward. When you sell photos to users who have purchased a paid package, the minimum royalty rate is 50%. The amount of commission will depend on the resolution of the downloaded images. Typically, the commission is about $6. If you sell your images to subscribers who have purchased a subscription plan, the commission is $0.35 per download.

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stockfresh Online Money Making Sites

9. Can Stock Photo: Earn Commission For Every Image Download

Can Stock Photo was founded in 2004, its mission is to provide professional and affordable images while offering fair commissions to talented image contributors. With over 91,382 contributors and 974,453 users from around the world, customers range from small businesses to TV channels, web designers, and government clients. The platform offers contributors a faster image submission system that allows them to submit hundreds of images at a time with just a few clicks. Approval is also very fast within a day. Once you upload your files and start earning money, you can request a withdrawal at any time when your account reaches $50. You earn a commission for every image download. In addition, if you refer other photographers to join the platform, you will earn $5 for every 50 photos sold.

can stock photo Online Money Making Sites

Summary: In addition, there are various image selling platforms, such as: Dissolve, iStock, Pexels, Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia), and so on, the main difference is that the commission models are different.

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