5 Best CDN Providers Recommended in 2022

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, many countries now have Internet access speeds of more than 10 Mbps on average, so opening a web page can be a breeze.

However, not all cities and regions are able to enjoy such connection speed. Using Internet speed test tools, you will be surprised to find that many countries and rural areas are still accessing the Internet at less than 1 Mbps.

The way CDN works is very simple: the CDN service provider sets up a bunch of servers in each country, and when you use its CDN service, the HTML data on your website will be stored in the local server.

CDN can help you reduce the time from clicking the web link to the complete loading of the web page, and the shorter the loading time of the website can effectively reduce the bounce rate of users, and reduce the bounce rate will indirectly help your website SEO to improve, so this is very important.

This article will introduce the 5 best CDN service providers, if you use WordPress to set up a website, it is recommended that you can choose a favorite CDN network to use, it can help users enter your website faster, effectively reduce the bounce rate of users, and optimize your website SEO.


best cdn provider

CloudFlare is the world’s most famous free CDN service provider, with the vast majority of WordPress sites using their CDN network, and CloudFlare is one of the few industry leaders willing to offer a completely free solution.

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CloudFlare claims to have 115 data centers around the world, each with a large number of servers to provide users with fast site loading speeds, high stability and protection from malicious hacker DDoS attacks.

Site Accelerator by Jetpack

best cdn provider

For those of you who use WordPress to set up websites, you must have heard of the name Jetpack, which provides a complete set of WordPress website optimization improvement solutions.

In their recent revision, they started to provide a free CDN service called Photon, which is a CDN service that caches images from your website on servers around the world to speed up the loading speed of your pages.

Because photos are the largest and fattest loading element in the entire web page, so by speeding up the loading of this big guy, you can effectively increase the loading speed of your website.

To use Photon, it’s as simple as installing Jetpack in the WordPress plugin and enabling Photon in the settings.

AWS Cloudfront

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CDNs are a big pie, and the big players are definitely not letting go of the market, as Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides high-performance CDN services to web operators at a low price.

Amazon CloudFront is used by many large companies, such as Slack and Spotify.

While they are not completely free, AWS offers one year of free usage and up to 50 GB of bandwidth during the trial period, which is sufficient for websites with low traffic.

To use Amazon CloudFront, you only need to install the WP Offload S3 Lite plug-in to integrate Amazon S3 (storage) and Amazon CloudFront (CDN) services with WordPress sites.

Google Cloud CDN

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Google and AWS have always been competitors in cloud services, and Google Cloud is one of the services provided by Google Cloud Platform, which will give you a trial credit equivalent to $300 in value, but you need to use it up within a year and can use it for its Cloud CDN service, after which you can pay for it again if you think it works well.

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Microsoft Azure CDN

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Microsoft Azure is another major company that offers CDN services with a 30-day free trial for a total value of $200. Microsoft Azure CDN has data centers all over the world, so it can effectively speed up the loading of websites for users.

Frequently Asked Questions about CDNs

1. What is a CDN and how does it work?

A CDN, or content delivery network, is a globally deployed network of servers that cooperate with each other to deliver web data to network users in the fastest and most secure way.

CDN data centers are strategically located in major countries around the world. This worldwide network of servers shortens the distance between web data and users.

When users visit your site, their usage requests are not sent to the site’s originating server, but instead connect directly to whichever CDN data center is closest to them. Closer means less transfer time, which speeds up data transfer and site loading time.

2. What are the advantages and benefits of using a CDN?

Faster load times: Using a CDN means that your site users will experience faster page load times due to data being delivered closer to the user’s server, resulting in faster transfer speeds and optimized load balancing and file compression.

Better user experience: Faster load times significantly improve the user experience, as no user wants to wait for a website page to load slowly. In fact, slow page loading is the number one reason why users leave websites. By using a CDN that reduces load times, you can significantly reduce bounce rates, increase your site’s sales conversion rate, and even improve your SEO.

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Reduce bandwidth costs: CDNs can reduce bandwidth consumption through caching and other optimizations. Since web hosts often offer limited bandwidth sizes, CDNs can reduce bandwidth usage, which in turn saves your web hosting costs.

Improve security: CDNs offer a variety of security benefits, including DDoS protection, which is the most common feature. Using a CDN ensures that your website is protected from DDoS attacks, which can prevent your website from functioning properly if it suffers a DDoS attack.

High Reliability: Using a CDN allows you to continue to provide uninterrupted service to users visiting your website in the event of a website problem. It can balance the load of network traffic, and if one of the servers encounters problems and stops working, the backup server will take over immediately.

3. Which CDN service should I choose?

All the CDN service providers introduced in this article are good choices, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The free version of Cloudflare is the best in the market, you can get unlimited bandwidth and no annoying usage restrictions.


The above are the best CDN services, we recommend using Cloudflare first, usually the free version is enough for you to use, of course, if you need paid version features, you can also buy later.

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