5 Best Email Marketing Tools in 2022

Email marketing is an important part of online marketing, but it’s one of the most underrated forms of marketing by many people.

The days of using email search tools to collect emails are over, and if you are still doing email marketing this way, not only will it be extremely ineffective, but you may have legal issues that will ultimately cause your entire email marketing campaign to fail.

The right way to do email marketing today is to use your website to get the user acquainted with you, and then you ask them to leave their email address through something like a free e-book or free course so they can receive the resources they want.

There are many benefits to this. First of all, the fact that he will fill in his email address means that he is interested in what you have to offer, so he is a good potential target group, and you collect these email addresses of those interested in similar products or courses into a precise list of customers.

Then you can follow up with more free resources and promote your products at the same time. By sending emails for a period of time, he will trust you and have a higher chance to buy from you, and you will help him solve a problem smoothly.

Best Email Marketing Tools

This article will introduce 5 of the best email marketing tools that can help you collect your prospect customer list, with features such as sending thank you notes and follow-up letters after subscription, and allow you to analyze your list’s open rate and conversion rates. Email marketing is a very important topic if you want to take your business to the next level.

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Constant Contact

best email marketing tools

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that is simple to use, allows you to easily create emails with drag and drop, and allows you to import existing contact lists from Outlook, Salesforce, or using EXCEL tables.

In addition, it has the ability to automatically send emails after setup and provide data for customer surveys, and through its powerful analytics, measure the effectiveness of your advertising or marketing campaigns and use the results to adjust the marketing process to effectively increase conversion rates.

The downside of Constant Contact is that there is no free version to use, but you can sign up for a free 1 month trial. It has two main payment plans, the Email plan provides most of the basic features, and the Email Plus account allows you to conduct A/B tests.

Zoho Campaigns

best email marketing tools

Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing tool launched by Zoho. If you’ve seen Zoho before, you know that it offers many common office tools, including email and analytics tools.

Zoho Campaigns combines sales and marketing features and offers a variety of email templates for you to choose from. You can find templates for seasonal events such as Halloween, Christmas or other common holidays, and the templates are visually appealing.

It also has automated email delivery and the ability to create emails with a drag-and-drop interface to edit content which makes e-marketing even easier.

Another advantage of Zoho Campaigns is that it integrates with all Zoho products and with many third-party services such as G Suite, SurveyMonkey, Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress.


best email marketing tools

Even if you’ve never used an email marketing tool, chances are you’ve heard of MailChimp, one of the oldest and most popular email marketing tools, founded in 2001.

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It helps you create professional marketing letters and send them to all the customers on your email list. It also provides statistics on open rates and conversion rates, so you can further analyze the effectiveness of your overall marketing plan.

Like similar products, it also has a built-in email editor and provides a variety of templates that you can directly apply and modify. You can add text paragraphs, images, and company logos to the message, and if you have the ability to write code, you can even design the entire email from scratch.

MailChimp also does a great job of integrating with third-party services, especially for retail e-commerce, and it offers special plug-ins that allow you to connect with services such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, which are great for sending advertising letters, collecting data and analyzing results.

The best thing about it is that it offers a free version for you to use. The free version allows you to process up to 10,000 emails per month and collect up to 2,000 email lists, which is definitely the best option for small businesses.

If you want to make your company look professional, you have to pay for the advanced version to eliminate the official logo and increase the volume of mail and subscriptions.

Vertical Response

best email marketing tools

Vertical Response is also a great email marketing tool that offers a custom email template editor, automated mail processing, data analysis and survey features, and more.

Vertical Response’s email editor is easy to use, with drag-and-drop and point-and-click features, so even newbies can learn to use it quickly and create beautiful email content in no time.

Its email automation features are also very good, you can set it to automatically send a reply when a user subscribes, and follow up emails according to the settings, which can effectively reduce human work time and increase customer conversion rate.

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Of course, it also has analysis function, you can collect many useful data, such as click rate, user’s geographic location, device and browser type to open emails, etc. You can use these data to know the marketing effect, and then adjust the marketing strategy better.


best email marketing tools

GetResponse is a marketing integration platform that allows you to host webinars and collect customer lists by hosting webinars, in addition to email marketing.

GetResponse is especially suitable for marketing practitioners and companies developing their business, whether it’s an email editor, email automation or sales funnel building.

If these features don’t meet your needs, it can also be integrated with other third-party services, including SalesForce, Slack, WordPress, Facebook, Shopify, Etsy, Stripe, and Paypal.

The downside of GetResponse is that there is no free version and the paid version is expensive, but its features and integration services are one of the best in the industry, so if GetResponse meets your needs perfectly, there is nothing to consider.


If you want to build up your company’s customer list and cultivate long-term potential customers, then these tools are indispensable for you.

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