Best PDF Password Remover Recommended (2022 Updated)

The use of password-protected PDF files have become increasingly common today, because we all want to protect confidential or sensitive documents from being read by unrelated people, or not arbitrarily modified by others.

But people will inevitably forget things, if you happen to accidentally forget the PDF password, but the document is very important to get back, then how to do it?

This situation you need a way to help you eliminate the password, but fortunately, technological advances have made this easy to do, you just need to use PDF password remover to remove the password of the PDF file.

This article will introduce 8 convenient and useful PDF password remover software, so that you can remove the PDF password without much effort, a few fingertips can easily unlock.


LightPDF is a secure and practical PDF tool site that provides all the PDF online tools you will need, including a PDF editor and other functions to split, merge, and unlock PDFs.

In addition, LightPDF has the function of converting PDF files to Word, PPT, Excel, TXT, JPG, PNG, etc. If you need to convert PDF, then it can also help you to complete this task.

You can use its services for free without registering an account and paying for subscriptions as long as you handle a small number of documents. In addition, the best part of LightPDF is that it has no time or file size limits. Of course, if you find it useful, you can also purchase the paid version, which also provides a desktop version of the client, so that you can carry out PDF file processing tasks even without the Internet.

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Passper for PDF

Passper for PDF is a PDF password remover that can easily and quickly restore the password of a PDF file or remove any security restrictions from a PDF file, allowing you to make changes and edits.

Passper for PDF is fast and uses GPU and CPU optimization technology so that you can quickly restore PDF files without waiting.

It also has a built-in intelligent algorithm, so you can recover any kind of additional password from any type of PDF file, even the most tight and hard-to-crack passwords, with one of the highest password cracking rates in its class.

PDF Crack

PDF Crack is a free and open source PDF password recovery tool, it supports all versions of PDF files, if you accidentally forget the password, it will help you find the original password with a list of single words or even brute force cracking the file, it is very suitable for use in any PDF file.


In the office work will certainly use the PDF format, but many times will really forget the PDF password, then you can consider using GuaPDF, which has a free version. Of course, need more features can be purchased for a paid version.

GuaPDF can help you to remove all PDF files containing passwords and restrictions, or if you want to keep the password. It can help you to find out the original password.


VeryPDF is also a PDF password remover which is very fast, especially for PDF files with shorter passwords, and supports all Windows operating systems.

VeryPDF can unlock all types of PDF, it can directly delete the password, but also according to the need to help you decrypt. It can help you to deal with the problem of forgetting passwords, but there is a drawback that the trial version can only unlock part of the document.

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PDF Unlocker

PDF Unlocker is a powerful PDF unlocking software for all Windows operating systems, the interface is simple to use, all you need to do is to choose the file and save path.

It will use two methods to recover your PDF password, which are single-word test or brute force cracking, can effectively help you to recover the password, the success rate of recovering the password is very high.

However, it has a drawback, that is, although the trial version will add watermark to the file, but if you just want to see the contents of the document, in fact, the trial version will be sufficient.

Advanced PDF Password Recovery

Advanced PDF Password Recovery is also a powerful PDF password remover, their exclusive decryption technology can easily crack high level encrypted files, you can use the trial version to test it first.

You can choose to retrieve PDF passwords or directly remove security restrictions according to your actual needs so that you can modify, copy or print your documents.

It supports all versions of PDF and can eliminate any type of PDF file restrictions in a very short time. It combines alphabetical sorting with brute force cracking methods and can recover passwords as fast as possible with the help of GPU computing.

Recover PDF Password

Recover PDF Password is a good tool to remove the password protection on PDF files, you can use it to retrieve and delete the password on PDF files, the overall execution speed is also quite fast.


The above is the best PDF password remover, you can choose one according to your own needs.

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