Best Time To Post On Facebook And Instagram in 2022

The best time to post on Facebook or Instagram is not a “constant” but a “variable” that changes depending on content strategy, target audience, and page type.

In May of this year, SproutSocial surveyed the interaction patterns of over 20,000 users on U.S. social media (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and came up with the “best” time to post.

Although the time zone is American, we can still use this as a reference and reflect on the topic of “best time to post”.

Best time to post on Facebook

Best time to post on Facebook

The “best” time to post on Facebook: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 09:00-13:00 am.

According to SproutSocial’s data, the most people interact on Facebook before lunch on weekdays.

On the contrary, the time spent on cell phones during holidays is relatively less, but it seems that people like to check Facebook during lunch time.

In terms of time, the early morning hours also attract some engagement, around 02:00-04:00, which is not as active as the peak, but still interesting to see.

Best time to post on Instagram

best time to post on instagram

Instagram’s “best” post time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

First of all, let’s talk about the difference between Instagram and Facebook’s time distribution.

Generally speaking, Instagram users seem to be more concentrated than Facebook users, and the peak time is also delayed from 09:00-13:00 to 11:00-14:00.

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Although the general environment is still dominated by engagement on weekdays, it is obvious that Engagement during early morning is less than that of Facebook.

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Posting news in the morning and informative content in the evening

I thought I wouldn’t want to slide my phone when I got home after work. But it is not.

From the past experience of online media, I think Facebook is more likely than Instagram to lead to Blog Post and external link sites, allowing users to read “long articles”.

Indeed, after dinner, before going to bed, there are many thoughts, before the “Error” enters and makes people put down their phones, the habit of sliding the phone is mainly to watch videos and read articles.

Therefore, in the past, many Link Post pages (especially online media) would publish at least one post after dinner (around 19:00) and before bedtime (around 22:00), because after all, it is difficult to receive too much information during working hours, so informative contents are published at this time.

As for the morning hours, people take the bus to work, but have more time to slide the phone and read the news, regardless of whether they only read the headlines, this time is indeed a good opportunity to read the news.

By the same token, we can take into account the lifestyle of our feature page audience, so that we can deliver the right content to them at the right time.

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Posting simple, direct and emotional content on holidays

On holidays, we usually gather with others and do activities, thus reducing the chance and time to slide the phone.

Therefore, you may want to keep the content simple and easy to absorb, or post images that are easy to understand and do not require too much effort, or even try to be emotional and resonate with people, which will be better than weekdays.

If you don’t mind repetitive posting of content, you can choose the content that was well performed two to three months ago and post it again on holidays (mostly Link Post, or re-posting the content in a different format) to reach the most users.

Post half an hour in advance

If the target users are mostly online at 19:00, you can try to post around 18:30.

Because the post needs time to be pushed to the users, so there is this saying.

When do your page fans go online?

The most practical way to find out the best time to post your page is to go to your page’s insight report.

See when the most people are online, and with a little experience, determine which categories and content are most appropriate for posting at which times.

You can go to the Insight Report -> Posts -> When Your Fans Go Online.

You can view the relevant information. However, you should pay attention to the time zone of the report.


In order to find out the best time to publish a feature page, besides the above methods, some people will also observe the publishing time of other rivals to avoid the weight or jointly seize this time.

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Some people will try to publish for a month first, and then gradually adjust according to the data, which can’t be separated from the habit of predicting the largest audience.

But I think the most desirable method is that the more you understand the target audience, the easier it is to find the best time to post.

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