Hihaho Review: Is it the Best SAAS Platform for Creating Interactive Videos

Interactive videos can be used in any form of course or learning material. Use a video to test your students, repeat or underline important points, and more. The tool is easy to incorporate into existing classroom and online training and curricula.

YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms allow many people to earn tens of thousands of dollars a year. It’s difficult for newcomers to stand out in such a competitive market.

To help these beginners, there are a number of platforms available, including ones that let you engage with your videos. By employing an interactive video, you can considerably increase your viewing duration.

So, if you’re seeking for a reliable solution to generate interactive videos for your online teaching class or online health and fitness coaching class, don’t worry about it. The interactive video tool “hihaho” will be thoroughly reviewed in this post, and we believe it will meet your needs.


What is hihaho?

Hihaho Review

hihaho is a software-as-a-service platform that lets you make interactive videos. As a flexible platform, it can be used for a wide range of projects. It’s a video-based learning tool that makes learning more fun, interesting, and interactive by leveraging the power of video.

With the help of this software, users may make their video content more effective, interesting and memorable while decreasing the costs associated with traditional ways of learning.

Existing videos from video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and others can be enhanced and linked to a learning management system using hihaho. The enrichment procedure is straightforward from beginning to end. There are other options for users, such adding questions for viewers to answer or including a menu that connects to numerous pages on their websites.

What can hihaho provide?

Hihaho Review

The best thing about Hihaho is that it works with all video platforms. Make your videos more engaging and watchable by incorporating Hihaho’s interactive features.

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The great majority of internet traffic is generated by online videos. Watching a video instead of reading is a popular choice for many internet users. You can quickly and easily create interactive video experiences using hihaho. Hihaho is just as easy to use as PowerPoint to create an interactive video.

It’s easy to make your videos more entertaining by including things like menus and questions with hihaho’s video-editing software. Enrichment may be accomplished in three simple steps: Select, Enrich and Publish. This makes the entire process enjoyable for you.

As a learning booster, the technology allows you to send out short videos that periodically play back segments of the course material. With interactive video, you can assist your viewers retain more of the information you’re trying to convey.

Does hihaho have anything else to offer?

Hihaho offers a variety of options for personalizing your videos. Branding components, menus, and other options can be added to make them more engaging and interactive.

The videos can then be included into your current LMS and other programs. Because hihaho supports both SCORM and xAPI, the integration process should be simple.

As long as they have a computer or mobile device, your audience will be able to watch your videos whenever they want. Even when they aren’t in class or at work, they are always learning something new with their smartphones or tablets, they may watch your videos and never stop learning.

Top features of hihaho

Hihaho Review

Using hihaho, you can develop cross-platform experiences that are both seamless and entertaining. Make your videos more engaging by include user-generated content (UGC). In the case of shoppable content, “interactive videos enhance purchase intent up to 9 times and increase viewing time by 47% on average.” Some of hihaho’s top characteristics include the following:


This is a great way to attract viewers to interact with your video. These questions can be used to run a poll or a test with your audience. Additionally, the questions might include a score and comments.

Table of Contents

You may also divide your video into chapters with ease. To make it easier for viewers to navigate through different sections of a video, you should provide this feature.

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Pop-up Menu

Additionally, you can incorporate pop-up menus into your video content. Using pop-up menus, you can categorize all of your data in a matter of seconds. Hyperlinks can also be used to link to other parts of your video.

Transparent Button

Using a transparent button, you can draw attention to a certain point in the video. With this button, viewers can rapidly move to a different section of the site or an other website.


Hotspots Links and descriptions can be included in these hotspots.


The audience will be able to pause your video easily if it contains an image or text. If your video has a synopsis, viewers will be able to read it while the video is still playing.

Jump To

You can also put a jump to feature in your video. As a result, the audience will be able to use this function to skip over a section that they find tedious.


Text This text can also function as a button that is pressed when needed to perform an action.


Images, logos, banners, and other graphics can be incorporated into your video. In addition, each of these photos can be configured to link to a page. As a result, the experience becomes more immersive.


In addition,  Hihaho lets you incorporate a wide range of sound effects into your films. Listening to music and censoring offensive words are both possible.


Zoom Using this function, you may zoom in on certain details inside a video.

Scroll Text

Additionally, scrolling text is a wonderful addition. You can use scrolling text as a news ticker or a hyperlink in your video.


Highlight When you want your audience to focus solely on a single subject, this is a great strategy to employ.


Additionally, you can include ratings for each video in order to learn more about the opinions of those that watch it. Your videos’ viewers will be able to rank and comment on them.

Linked Video

Using a single button, you may link multiple interactive videos together in the same window.


Hihaho allows you to incorporate numerous formats into your videos. Your email or CRM is immediately notified of the data collected in the forms.

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What is the price of hihaho?

Hihaho has five distinct pricing tiers to choose from. Choose the bundle that best suits your business needs.

Hihaho Review

Is hihaho going to protect my data?

Hihaho cares about the safety and privacy of your personal information. In order to protect your company’s confidential information, they implement as many security measures as they can. .  Viewers’ data is only accessible to those who have been recognized as authors by your organization.

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Is hihaho something you should do?

You’ll need hihaho’s interactive video tool if you want to improve your videos. You can add interactivity to any video with hihaho. Questions, links, and pictures are all great ways to keep your readers engaged and prevent them from getting bored.

Using this platform, businesses may produce high-quality interactive videos. Adding branding elements and actionable data to video can give users a better understanding of their overall success.

It is possible to utilize Hihaho as a DIY tool as well as an online SaaS solution. Using hihaho’s independent web platform, you won’t have to worry about editing the raw video because you can add all types of interactions.


For this new teaching technique, hihaho Interactive Video is a perfect tool to use. Hihaho Interactive Video allows you to add an additional layer of interactivity to a video without having to modify the video itself. 

You’ll be able to create your own self-paced educational videos with it. There are other options for users, such adding questions for viewers to answer or including a menu that connects to numerous pages on their websites.

 Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of this incredible interactive video platform after reading this review.

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