How To Optimize Keyword In Google Ads in 2022

I think we all know the importance of Google Ads, so what is the most important thing in Google search ads? Keywords, of course! Optimize keyword for you advertising campaign is the key to success. A deeper understanding of keywords can bring out the unprecedented potential of traffic to your website. In this article, I will share with you the unique tips How To Optimize Keyword In Google Ads

How To Determine A Good Keyword ?

Utilize keyword tools to find more keywords – to improve coverage.

Study your website, understanding your product selling points and finding available keywords – to improve relevance.

Study competitors sites as well as ads – to get more inspiration.

What Are The Most Common Keyword Mistakes That People Make?

  • Overly broad keywords
  • Poor relevance of keywords
  • Low number of effective keywords

How To Use The Google Ads Report To Better Monitoring Keyword Effectiveness ?

Search term optimization is an essential part of developing a comprehensive keyword strategy. By leveraging search term reports, you can effectively reduce advertising costs and gain better control over the traffic. Based on placement experience, advertisers can take the following two actions for search terms.

1) add as keyword: search terms that generate conversions or have potential conversion opportunities need to be added as keywords to increase the number of effective keywords and get more accurate traffic.

2) Add as negative keyword: It can prevent advertiser ads from being triggered by specific words or phrases and avoid some irrelevant ads impression ( ads will not be displayed to any users searching for those terms or keywords )

Simply saying, negative keywords avoid showing to irrelevant audiences. Therefore, the skill of adding negative keywords can help advertisers to improve the accuracy of their traffic.

how to optimize keywords in google ads

How to add the right negative keyword?

If the search term does not match your product, it should be added as a negative keyword to improve the quality of traffic.

For example, if your website is selling casual, party robes, and the keyword placed is “Robe”, but the search term “Sexy Robes” triggers the ad. If the you also placed the keyword “robes on sale”, it will also trigger some keywords with other brands such as “Macy’s robes on sale”. Therefore you must exclude them in time to avoid triggering irrelevant traffic.

how to optimize keywords in google ads

2. Monitor data performance: Cost, click rate, bounce rate, etc.

Cost, click-through rate, bounce rate, impressions, etc. are the core data to assess the flow of search terms and conversion, the advertisers can be based on the data performance for the corresponding optimization operations.

how to optimize keywords in google ads
how to optimize keywords in google ads

How To Pick The Right Keyword For Your Product?

When evaluating the quality of search terms for Google Ads. You should

  1. Determining whether the keyword is relevant to the brand or products.
  2. Considering multiple data such as click-through rate, impression, cost, etc. If the click-through rate is too low and the cost is high without any conversion, add it as a negative term.

Google Analytics allows advertisers to get more valid data to identify inefficient search terms.

If the bounce rate of a search term is above 80%, it means that the traffic is not accurate enough, so you can combine it with other data in the search term report to determine whether you need to add it as a negative keyword.

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Use Bid Adjustment To Effectively Improve Traffic And Reduce Conversion Cost

Search ad rating is affected by the bid, quality score and other additional information, high-quality score of the ad can improve the ad rating, and to reduce the cost of clicks. Keyword bids are closely related to quality scores, so advertiser need to optimize their bids while ensuring they get a high quality score.

With a high quality score, if a merchant is still getting a low share of ad impression, it is possible to effectively increase keyword traffic and expand the reach of effective keywords by increasing bids. Conversely, for low performing keywords with high spend and unsatisfactory conversion results, costs can be effectively controlled by lowering bids.

how to optimize keywords in google ads

What Are The Solutions For Low Conversion Low Traffic And High Cost Ads?

Low traffic, resulting in low conversion – raise the bid to improve the conversion volume

Keywords in the quality score of 7 and above, if the impression share is still very low, or even less than 10%,, you need to expand the traffic by raising the bid (try to control the price range within 30%).

how to optimize keywords in google ads
how to optimize keywords in google ads

High traffic, high cost, no conversion or CPA too high – reduce the bid, control the traffic

If the keyword still has a large amount of traffic after adding a large number of negative words, and there is also a high cost, it is necessary to control the traffic by reducing the bid to further control the cost.

Similarly, for keywords with high CPA, you should also control the conversion cost by lowering the bid to reach the expected value. Observe the click-through rate, cost and other data, spending more than 2-3 times the CPA still does not get the expected conversion, it is recommended to suspend the Ad.

This is all about keyword optimization today. By optimizing keywords to maintain relevance and constantly evaluating changes in click-through rates, conversion rates and other indicators, the ideal advertising results for businesses will be greatly improved.

You can play around with the Google Ads Keyword Planner.

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