What Is JAR File Format? How to Open and Convert JAR File?

This article will explain what a JAR file is, how it can be opened, and how to convert a JAR file to EXE or ZIP file.

JAR file

What is the JAR file format?

JAR is a Java file used to store applications and games developed from Java code, some of which are just individual files, while others contain multiple files or libraries.

JAR is actually a compressed file that compresses data such as CLASS, List, images, sounds, and security credentials into a JAR file for easy sharing and transfer.

Some mobile devices are inherently Java-enabled and can run JAR files as game files by default, while some web browsers store themes and add-ons in JAR format.

How to open a JAR file?

To open a JAR file, you must first install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Although not all JAR files can be executed, most of them can be opened with just two clicks.

Some phones or tablets with built-in JRE can open Java applications in web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Edge (except for Chrome).

Since JAR is actually a ZIP archive, in principle, general decompression software such as 7-Zip, PeaZip and jZip can open it.

Problems encountered during opening JAR files

There are security settings in Windows and some web browsers, so errors are often reported when opening Java.

For example, during the loading of a Java application, sometimes a message such as “Java application is blocked” or “Your security settings prevent an untrusted application from running” appears. Just adjust the security level in the Windows console to solve the problem.

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If you still can’t open Java after installing JRE, first open it with your browser to make sure the Java file is OK, and if there is a problem, go to the console to set the security level. Then, reboot the computer and try again.

In addition, the Java version is too low will also report an error, sometimes you can check if it is the latest version of Java after troubleshooting the problem, resulting in version incompatibility.

How to convert JAR file?

JavaDecompilers.com can decompile the CLASS file of JAR file to Java file, after uploading the JAR, select the decompiler and follow the steps.

Sometimes Java application needs to convert to make it work on Android platform, just convert JAR to APK. You can run the JAR in the Android simulator and it will automatically create an APK file.

The easiest way to create Java in Android is to compile the APK from the original code, or create the JAR in a programming program such as Eclipse.

WAR is a Java web file. Note that a JAR file itself cannot be directly converted to a WAR file because the WAR format has a special structure that JARs do not have.

To create a WAR file, create a new WAR file and add the JAR file to the lib directory, which you can do with WizToWar.

As for converting JAR to ZIP file, it is as simple as renaming the subfile name, no actual file conversion is needed, just change it to “.ZIP” and then you can open the JAR file with decompression software like 7-Zip or PeaZip.

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