What is M4B File Format? How to Open And Convert M4B Files?

This article will introduce the M4B file format, how to open it? And, how to convert M4B to other formats such as MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc.

M4B file

What is the M4B file format?

M4B files are MPEG-4MPEG-4 Audio Book Files, which are commonly used by iTunes to store audio books.

Some music players and video players use the M4B format with audio bookmarks to allow users to pause playback and then resume playback at the last paused position. This is one of the main reasons why it is more popular than MP3, which cannot be used for this purpose.

M4A audio format is basically the same as M4B, but M4A is used for music rather than audio books. Apple’s iPhone also uses MPEG-4 format to store ringtones, but these files are converted to M4R format.

How to open M4B files on iPhone?

iTunes is the main software used to play M4B files on Mac computers and to transfer audiobooks to your iPhone or other iOS devices. To add audiobooks to your iPhone, you need to sync your iPhone device with iTunes.

To transfer M4B files to iTunes, if the files are not in M4B format, but in MP3, WAV, etc., you can skip to the “How to make M4B files” instructions below to convert them to the correct format first.

  1. Select the phone icon in iTunes and switch to your iOS device.
  2. Select Audiobooks in the left sidebar of the app and check the box next to Sync Audiobooks.
  3. Choose whether to sync all your audiobooks or just some of the files.
  4. Sync your device with iTunes and the M4B files will be transferred to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
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How do I open M4B files on my computer?

Besides iTunes, Windows built-in video player can also be used to play M4B. You need to open the software first and then open the M4B file manually from the WMP menu, because Windows may not recognize the file automatically or rename the subfile name to “.M4A”.

Other video playback software that supports M4A format, such as VLC, Winamp, MPC-HC and PotPlayer, are also compatible with M4B files.

M4B audiobooks purchased for a fee are likely to be DRM-protected compared to free downloads, which means they can only be played on licensed devices. For example, most audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Store are DRM-protected and can only be played on device with your iTunes login.

How to convert M4B files?

Since M4B is an audio file, they are usually quite large, so it is better to use professional and offline conversion software to handle them.

DVDVideoSoft Free Studio is a free tool that supports M4B conversion, it can save files to MP3, WAV, WMA, M4R, FLAC and other audio formats.

Zamzar is also an M4B converter that works in a browser, so you need to upload it to their website to operate the conversion.

Usually, we can’t open the file after converting it by directly changing the file extension (e.g. .M4B), we have to do the actual file format conversion using the above method. But renaming the .M4B file to .M4A will open it normally, as long as the file is non-DRM protected.

How to make M4B files?

To put non-M4B audiobooks on iPhone, you need to convert MP3, WAV or other formats to M4B first, otherwise iPhone will default to music files.

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Audiobook Binder can convert MP3 to M4B on macOS. Windows users can download MP3 to iPod/iPhone audiobook converter, convert multiple MP3 to M4B files, or even combine MP3 into one big audiobook file.

Frequently Asked Questions about M4B files

1. Can Android play M4B files?

Android does not support M4B file format directly, but you can download apps like Sirin Audiobook Player to play M4B files. Otherwise, you need to convert the format individually.

2. How to open M4B files on Mac?

In addition to iTunes, Apple Books can also open M4B files on Mac and iOS devices.

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