What is MP4V File Format? How to Open And Convert MP4V File?

MP4V is an abbreviation for MPEG-4 video, a codec (or transcoder) created by MPEG to compress and decompress video content.

MP4V format video files are not a common file format, but if you encounter one, you can try to open it in a video player, and we have listed below some software that can open MP4V.

If you see the word “MP4V” in the video file, it means that the video is compressed with MP4V transcoder. For example, MP4 is the video container of MP4V codec.

MP4V file

How to open MP4V file format?

There are programs that support MP4V codecs, and these programs can open MP4V files directly.

Some other programs that can open MP4V files include VLC, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Windows Video, QuickTime, iTunes, MPC-HC, and other common video playback software.

There are many file formats similar to MP4V, such as M4A, M4B, M4P, M4R and M4U (MPEG-4 playlist) files, some of which may not open exactly the same way as MP4V files due to their different uses.

How to convert MP4V files to other formats?

Instead of looking for MP4V to MP4 file conversion software, you can find a suitable video conversion tool according to the file extension used in the video. For example, if you use a 3GP file with an MP4V converter, you can use a converter for 3GP video files.

Besides, M4V files are different from MP4V converters, we can also find tools for M4V to MP3 or MP4 to other formats.

The difference between MP4, M4V and MP4V

The file extensions of MP4, M4V and MP4V are so similar that you might easily mistake them for the exact same file format.

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Here are the differences between them.

MP4: Video transcoder container format, only audio and video in the file.

M4V: MP4 files that can be protected by DRM.

MP4V: Raw MPEG-4 video content, not only for MP4 format.

More information about MP4V codecs

MPEG-4 content contains compressed audio and video content, and if a device supports an MP4V codec, it is compatible with certain video files.

MP4 as mentioned above is a container format that may use MP4V, but it may also use H264, MJPB, SVQ3, etc. Not all MP4 video files use the MP4V codec.

The difference between MP4V-ES and MPEG-4 is that the former is raw video data and the latter is RTP (Real Time Transport Protocol) data ready to be sent over the RTP network protocol. This protocol only supports MP4V and H264 transcoders.

In addition, MP4A is an audio transcoder that can be used in MPEG-4 containers such as MP4. MP1V and MP2V are also video transcoders, but they are called MPEG-1 video files and MPEG-2 video files respectively.

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