What is RTF File Format? How to Open and Convert RTF Files?

This article will explain what an RTF file is, how it differs from other text files, and how to open or convert it to other different formats such as PDF or DOCX.

what is rtf file format

What is the RTF file format?

A file with the extension RTF is a text format file that differs from a plain text file in that it can store formatting (e.g., bold and italic), font size, and images.

One of the most important reasons RTF files are useful is that many software support RTF, and the second is that they can be used cross-platform. For example, if you create an RTF file on macOS, you can open it in Windows or Linux, and the content is basically the same.

How do I open an RTF file?

The easiest way to open RTF files on Windows systems is to use the built-in software WordPad, or use other similar document editing software such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Jarte, AbleWord, WPS Office, and SoftMaker FreeOffice.

In addition, Zoho Docs and Google Docs can support opening and editing RTF files online. If you are using Google Docs to edit RTF files, the first way is to upload it to your Google Cloud drive and right-click to open it as a Google file. The second way is to upload it directly from the Google Docs website.

It is important that you know the applications that can manipulate RTF files, they work in different ways. Some programs do not support the newer RTF format specifications. Common paid RTF editors are Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect.

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Several of the RTF editors for Windows systems are also available for Linux and Mac. If you are a macOS user, you can also choose Apple TextEdit or Apple Pages to open RTF files.

How to convert RTF files?

The fastest way to convert RTF format is to use the online tool FileZigZag, which can quickly convert RTF to DOC, PDF, TXT, ODT or HTML files. Also, Zamzar is a similar online tool that can convert RTF online to PDF, PNG, PCX or PS.

There is also the file conversion software Doxillion, which can save RTF to DOCX and many other file formats. In addition, the aforementioned RTF editor can also perform the format conversion function. After opening the file, use the Save As or Export function options to convert RTF files.

Why do we use RTF format?

There are a few reasons why we might use the RTF format. One reason is that it allows us to control the layout of our document. We can specify things like margins, fonts, and spacing. This can be helpful when we want to create a document that has a specific look and feel.

Another reason to use RTF is that it is a fairly universal format. It can be opened by most word processing programs, so it is easy to share documents with others. Additionally, RTF files are usually smaller in size than other file types, so they can be easier to email or upload.

Can kindles read RTF format?

Yes, kindles can read rtf format. Rtf is a standard file format for documents that allows for a wide range of formatting options. This makes it a great choice for reading on kindles, as you can customize the look of your document to suit your preferences.

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Can RTF files carry computer viruses?

Yes, it is possible, but the chance is very small. As with most file formats, RTF files that contain malware may still exist, so you can use an online scanning tool to check for viruses before use.

How to open RTF files on Android?

Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Office App can all open RTF files on Android. You can also find a lot of apps that support opening RTF files in the Google Play Store.

How do I save a word file as an RTF file?

In Microsoft Word, go to “File > Save as” and select “RTF format”. To open RTF files in Word, you need to make sure that all files are selected when you browse the document.

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