What is TIF File and TIFF File Format? How to Open and Convert TIF File and TIFF File?

This article will explain what are TIF files and TIFF files? What is the difference between them and other image files? How to open these files? And which software can convert them to other image file formats?

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What are TIF files and TIFF files?

This file format uses compression that does not destroy the image itself, i.e. it is non-destructive data compression. This allows designers and photographers to store more high-definition images in a limited space.

TIFF files and TIF files can be used interchangeably, with TIF being a shortened version for use with labeled images.

GeoTIFF images store GPS latitude and longitude as metadata files, which also use the characteristics of TIFF files and use the subtitle TIF.

In addition, some scanning, fax, and optical character recognition applications also use TIF files to store data.

How do I open a TIF file?

Commonly, the Windows Photo Viewer can open TIF files, but it does not have the ability to edit such files. If you are on a Mac operating system, Preview can also open TIF files.

In addition, many third-party viewers, photo editing software, and graphics software have the ability to open and edit TIF files.

How to edit a TIF file?

There are several ways to edit a TIF file. If you want to keep the TIF file editable, software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP is the ideal choice.

If you want to edit a GeoTIFF file, you can use programs that can open TIF files such as Geosoft Oasis montaj, ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, or GDAL.

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How to convert TIF files?

If you have software that can open and edit TIF files, you can convert them to JPG or PNG files by selecting Save As after opening the file. The usual way to do this is to click “File>Save As” and then select the desired file format.

Of course, there are also some free online conversion tools that can indeed convert to TIF files. For example, CoolUtils.com and Zamzar can convert TIF files to JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, TGA, and even PDF files. As for GeoTIFF files, there is also a high chance that they can be converted to normal TIF files.

It should be noted that GPS metadata may be lost or damaged during the conversion of GeoTIFF files, so be extra careful.

More information about TIF files and TIFF files

TIFF files are a picture format created by a company called Aldus Corporation for desktop publishing, and TIF files are now copyrighted by Adobe.

In 1986, the first version of the TIF file was released. Later in 1993, TIFF files became the international standard format, and now the latest version of TIF files has been developed to version 6.0.

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