10 Best Text-To-Speech Online Tools Recommended

While the best text-to-speech online tools cost money, it’s not always necessary for users to use paid text-to-speech generators.

Maybe you just want a quick and easy voiceover for your personal project, or maybe you want the right narration for a home movie or a paragraph or two from your favorite blog.

This article will introduce 10 of the best text-to-speech online tools. All you need to do is type in the text you have in mind and it will generate the voice you need and support multiple languages.

Text To Speech

Best Text-To-Speech

As a free text-to-speech tool, Text To Speech has a lot of features. There is no word limit, over 40 languages can be spoken, and each language has one to four different voices. Users can adjust the volume, speed, pitch and other playback options. The only drawback is that it comes with a 100-character limit for the text to mp3 converter.


Best Text-To-Speech

NaturalReader has a good rating in the list of cheap text-to-speech services. You can switch fonts on dyslexic words, and the text size can be adjusted.

In the free version, all seven languages come with only one voice; in the advanced version, more natural voices can be selected, as well as an additional language: Swedish.

Users are limited to 20 minutes per day for the advanced features, but there is no limit for the free features. The file can be played online and downloaded as mp3 files.

Free TTS

Best Text-To-Speech

On Free TTS, you can convert up to 5,000 characters to mp3. The free version only converts 6,000 characters per week, and you have to pay for more than the maximum number of characters.

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The sound quality is above average for a free service, and users can choose from 13 different spoken voices in English. There are more than 25 languages to choose from, but most of them have only one to four voices to choose from.

Text-To-Speech Tool

Best Text-To-Speech

This speech synthesis uses sound sources from existing services, including Amazon’s Polly and Microsoft’s TTS, which allows it to provide better sound quality output in a simplified tool format.

The Text-To-Speech Tool supports 18 languages, with several voices available for each language. Among the English options, 16 are from Amazon and 12 are from Microsoft, with controls such as volume, speed, and pitch available. It can also be downloaded in mp3 format.

TTS Reader

Best Text-To-Speech

This text-to-speech online tool is simple to use and supports plain text, PDF and EPUB formats in addition to the standard text format.

The main strength of TTS Reader is its ability to pause; users can close the window, come back later, and resume where they left off.


Best Text-To-Speech

Naturaltts requires the user to create an account, even for the free version. However, once you have registered, it provides you with a simple, intuitive operating panel that allows you to save up to 10 recordings at a time.

The advanced version offers more storage space and only 5 languages to choose from, with only 3 voices for British English, 4 voices for American English, and 2 or 3 voices for French, Italian, Castilian Spanish and German.


Best Text-To-Speech

iSpeech offers over 20 languages, each with male and female voices. The voices are stiff and robotic, like most speech synthesis programs. The online playback engine focuses on three speeds: slow, normal, and fast. To access more advanced features, users must download the software, and most features can only be unlocked for a fee.

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Text To Mp3

Best Text-To-Speech

This free text-to-speech tool sounds like the most robotic among others. It doesn’t have a preview playback before conversion, you have to generate an mp3 file before you can listen to a string of text, and there is a limit of 300 words per use.

Text To Mp3 can speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish, and each language has a few voices to switch between.


Best Text-To-Speech

TTSMP3 voice is definitely not mistaken for human speech (it’s also very robotic), but it processes very fast and offers online playback and mp3 downloads.

It supports about 20 languages, plus four English accents: American, British, Indian, and Australian. The word limit is 3,000 words per session.

Text 2 Speech

Best Text-To-Speech

Text 2 Speech is another extremely simple text-to-speech converter. You can select six voices from English, German and Spanish. The control options are only speed, with two levels up and down.

The text limit is only 4,000 characters. Although the conversion speed is slow, this site allows you to download full MP3 or WAV files.

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