19 Best Websites to Download Copyright-free Videos For Free

This article will introduce 19 best websites to download copyright-free videos for free. If you are bothered about post-production video footage sources, then this article must be added to the bookmark.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

Signing up for Pixabay gives you free access to thousands of videos, both for personal and commercial use, and no special attribution is required.

All you need to do is select the videos you like, click download, and then you can enjoy using them!

The videos on Pixabay have excellent picture quality, and users can choose between HD high definition or 4K quality when downloading videos.

You don’t need a special account to download videos, but if you want to be able to download videos quickly and use features such as liking or commenting, it’s much easier to get an account.

The site is very easy to use, and you can easily filter the videos you want by popularity, special effects (such as slow-motion and time-lapse videos), and so on.

Another advantage of Pixabay is that it automatically previews videos when you move your mouse over them. But be careful not to click on the “ad videos”, it will lead you to the Shutterstock paid video clip site.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

Navigating Videvo to find videos in your library is a breeze. You can search by selecting the category you want from the top of the home page, or by simply typing in a keyword.

The site has nearly 8,000 stock videos and motion picture clips, and they are always adding new content. Most of the videos have been licensed royalty-free, so you can use them as you wish without attribution. However, be careful not to click on videos marked “Videvo Attribution License” or you will still have to credit the original creator when you use them.

The great thing about Videvo is that all of their content is curated and shot by their own team, so you can be sure that the videos you get are of high quality and that you can use them in your own projects with confidence.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

The videos on the Pexels website are uploaded by a group of talented photographers, all of which are available for free personal or commercial use without attribution. A selection of videos can be found in the “Trending Free Stock Videos” section of the home page.

Some of the videos on Pexels feel like they were made by amateurs, which means that not all of them are that good. Also, the arrangement of the videos on the page is a bit confusing. You have to go back and forth between thumbnails, and only when you click on a movie and jump to the page dedicated to that movie can you see some information about it, such as its length or quality.

However, this site is still a good place to find free video clips, so if you’re looking for uncopyrighted videos try here.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

Vibeezy claims to have tens of thousands of HD and 4K videos on its site. You can easily find the videos you want by entering keywords from the search box on the home page, or you can filter the videos you want using the handy toolbar located on the left side of the video search results page.

The videos on this site are free for both personal and commercial use, but must be specifically attributed to Videezy.

However, it is important to note that many of the high quality clips are marked as “Pro”, so if you want to use Pro videos, you must register for an account and pay for points in order to use the points to download videos.

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The paid videos are licensed to Videezy Pro, so you can use them for commercial purposes without attribution.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

Although it is not comparable to paid video clips sites, Vidsplay does have a certain amount of video clips. All you need to do is indicate your source and you can use all the free clips.

Vidsplay does not have a huge selection of video clips, but it is definitely worth trying every possible ways to get free resources on a free video clip site.

You can search for categories or keywords to find the video you want. The videos you find can be downloaded and used immediately, but the information provided for each video is relatively simple, such as length, resolution and frame rate.

Life of Vids

Website to Download Copyright-free Video

If you’re looking for new inspiration, Life of Vids is the place to go, and all of the videos on Life of Vids are available on Vimeo and can be used for commercial or personal use without any restrictions. Although the site does have a funny “If you want to sponsor, buy a hand beer as a thank you gift! button.

However, in order to protect all videos on the site from misuse, which could be used in various countries or scenes, users can only download 10 video clips at a time.

Life of Vids’ search feature is not very useful. We have actually tested it by searching for a few common keywords, but no results came up.

This also shows that Life of Vids is more suitable as a site to find inspiration and to browse videos with themes like nature, people and cities to inspire your own creativity and ideas.

Once you’ve browsed the videos you like, you can download them in various sizes and in SD and HD formats. Unfortunately, there are no 4K video clips available.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

Splitshire mainly provides photo clips, but there are also a few free video clips for commercial or personal use.

The overall interface is not too easy to get used to, and the search function is mainly photo-based. Most of the search results are still photo-based, which makes it inconvenient when you want to search for video clips.

Splitshire has a lot of videos taken by drones at high altitude, and the clips are all on Youtube, making it easy to access them.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

If you’re looking for high-definition video footage, there’s nothing better than Dareful, whose videos are all in 4K resolution and all free! As long as you indicate the source, you can use them as you like.

Dareful doesn’t have a lot of footage at the moment, but new videos are added every day, so I’m sure the amount of footage will gradually expand in the future.

The only problem with Dareful is that you need to register as a member before you can download footage, but registration is also free, and you don’t need to provide any credit card or payment information. And all videos are available on Vimeo.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

Mixkit mainly offers Ultra HD videos (as stated on their homepage), from 4K to HD videos. You can use their videos anywhere you want for free, without attribution, although it would be nice if you could.

This is by no means the largest library of videos, but the quality is consistent and high. You can search for videos by category, but you can’t use keyword search.

The biggest drawback of Mixkit is that there is no search field, but if you are just looking for inspiration, this is not a big problem. If you really like the videos they offer, you can sign up for their newsletter and get 10 new videos sent directly to your mailbox every month.

Motion Places

Website to Download Copyright-free Video

As its name suggests, Motion Places is a curated archive of video footage that focuses on different scenes from around the world. If you are looking for historical sites or breathtaking scenery, then this site is what you need.

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The videos are categorized by location, color and season. If you are interested in seeing what is currently the most popular, there are also selected clips available.

Users need to sign up to download videos, but all videos are free to download and are in HD quality. There is also the option to purchase 4K resolution videos, currently priced at $99.

All videos are free and can be used for commercial or personal use, but attribution is required. However, users who purchase 4K movies can do so without attribution.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

XStockvideo has about 500 free video clips available for download, which can be used for personal or commercial purposes. Each video has two different licenses.

The standard license can be used for a single final product and the end user cannot be charged.

Extended licenses can be used for a single end product and the end user can be charged.

All videos are listed on the home page and you can choose from 9 different categories, ranging from animals/pets to technology. If you want to watch the most popular or latest videos, you can also use the filter function.

Although there is no search function, you can change the number of videos displayed on the home page to make browsing easier. Videos are somewhat random, so if you’re looking for something specific, you may not find it. The site also doesn’t have previews, so you’ll have to download them before you can watch them. The videos are in .mov format and can be saved in various sizes.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

MotionElements is a large video clip download site with over 3 million videos and sound effects. However, there are over 4,000 free video clips, so you need to make sure that the clips you want are free and copyright-free.

MotionElements contains a wide variety of free video clips, from high-definition videos to animated backgrounds, and you can even find 360-degree panoramic videos (VR).

The search bar at the top of the home page allows you to enter keywords to search the entire site, but since you are searching the entire site, you will need to select a category beforehand when you need to find free video clips.

In addition, there are advanced options to make your search more precise and tailored to your needs, such as video length, resolution, framing, etc. You can also browse all videos in the same window.

If you’re looking for free video clips, this site may be a little less easy to navigate, as most of the clips require payment.

Finally, there is a hidden problem: you can only download one free clip per email, but if you sign up as a member, you can download five free clips per week.

Beachfront B-Roll

Website to Download Copyright-free Video

All of the content on the Beachfront B-Roll site is free to use, no attribution required, just download and use the video you want.

The videos are divided into several categories, such as nature, technology, or festivals, but there is no search field on the site, so you will need to spend some time looking for each video to find the material you need.

All videos are from YouTube, so when you click on a thumbnail, it will link directly to YouTube, and you can use it with Youtube to MP3.

There is not much information about the videos other than the size of the video and the camera used to take it. Although there are not many video clips on this site, there are still many great videos to use, so it’s a backup solution.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

It should not be difficult to find out that Freestock has a high quality library of video clips, and although their library is small, they are always adding new clips to it, and it is constantly growing.

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A special feature of Freestock is the hover preview feature, which allows you to hover over a video and it will play automatically, making it quick and easy to select your favorite video.

All videos are free to use, and Freestock also offers a simple embedded HTML code that you can easily copy to your personal website.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

At first glance, CuteStockFootage is not the best site for downloading free video clips from this recommended list, but on the whole it is good. The videos on the home page are randomly played, so you can find out if there is a video you need.

CuteStockFootage’s search bar is very responsive and using the search function is the easiest way to find videos. When you find a video you like, you can check the number of times it has been viewed and downloaded, and you can also check the information about the video before downloading it in UHD.

ISO Republic

Website to Download Copyright-free Video

ISO Republic has a range of copyright-free video footage that can be used for personal and commercial use without attribution.

If you are currently out of ideas and looking for inspiration, then try browsing the various videos on the home page. If you know what kind of video content you are looking for, you can use the search bar to search directly.

Compared to the other sites on the list, ISO Republic’s videos are quite short. However, users do not need to log in and can download videos with one click.

Just beware of the Shutterstock-related ads that pop up every time you search. Although the videos are good quality and look attractive, they are not free.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

IgniteMotion focuses on dynamic backgrounds for these types of videos. All the footage is in high quality and can be used for both commercial and personal use.

Since there is no search bar on the site, you have to rely on the genre of the video to find the relevant one.

Interestingly, this site also offers a section dedicated to special holidays, such as Halloween and Christmas.

Motion Array

Website to Download Copyright-free Video

MotionArray has over 150,000 video clips to choose from, including video clips and animation clips. Not all of them are free, but you can use the filters to find free videos quickly.

The search function is very fast. Just type in the keywords you are looking for and you will see the video search results instantly. You can preview the video on the search results page or click to see more information about the video.

To download video clips, you need to register an account first. After registering your account, you can download any free video you want.


Website to Download Copyright-free Video

CLIPSTILL is a little different from the other sites on the list. it doesn’t offer video clips or footage, but instead offers some motion pictures for you to download.

Motion pictures are photos that move, they are basically static, but with some small, repetitive movements.

All the motion pictures on the site are free for personal and commercial use, and no attribution is required. They are currently very small, but new photos are uploaded every month, and you are encouraged to sign up to get the latest updates.

You can download the lowest quality version of each photo for free, or pay for the standard and high quality versions.


If you are planning to post-produce a video and get the video footage you need for editing, then these sites are good legal sources for your projects

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