What Is the XLM File Format? How to Open and Convert XLM File?

Files with sub-files ending in XLM, which are Excel 4.0 template files, can be automatically “applied” to repeated operations to save time and reduce the incidence of errors.

More recent Excel formats such as XLSM and XLTM can store templates, but unlike XLM files, which are actually spreadsheets with templates, XLM is an out-of-date template file format.

Although XLM and XML have similar file name endings, their functions and formats are very different.

xlm file

How to open XLM file format?

Although Microsoft has announced that XLM files are no longer in service, you can still open such files with Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft provides free Excel viewing tools Excel Viewer and LibreOffice Calc that allow you to view Excel files without Microsoft Excel installed.

Be careful when opening an executable file ending in an XML file name from an unfamiliar website or email.

How can I convert XLM files to another format?

You can open the XLM file in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc and save it as a new file in another format.

Still can’t open the XLM file?

If you try the above steps and still can’t open the file correctly, then you probably misunderstood the file name, some file names are very similar to XML but have nothing to do with it.

For example, XMI, which has a lowercase “i” at the end, is mainly used for MIDI extensions and opens files via Winamp.

Another similar example is the LMX file, which has the same letter as XML, but is a landmark exchange file that needs to be opened via Nokia Computer Suite.

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