Best URL Shortener in 2022 ( Free And Easy to Use)

Since the closure of Google URL Shortener service in March 2019, the title of the best URL shortener has been vacant, and then a hundred others have emerged. With so many URL shortening sites available, you need a service that can meet your needs.

This article will introduce the best URL shortener, just use them to help you complete the task of shortening the URL, whether it is aesthetic or brand considerations are very good choice.

What is a URL shortener?

If you are placing a URL on a business card, advertisement, or other situation, then shortening the URL will take up less space, make it easier to remember, and keep the book neat and tidy.

Another application of URL shortening is to create a URL so that you can easily track the traffic that hits that address.

For example, if you create three different shortened URLs for the same site and post them to Facebook, Instagram, and email, you can track which of the three sharing methods is the best at driving traffic.

Many URL shortener now offer comprehensive tracking tools that allow you to see who is clicking on your URL, what country they are from, what language they are using, how many hits they are getting, what browser the user is using, and what device they are using to access the site.

There are many free URL tools available on the web, and some offer additional custom domains to create short URLs, but of course there are additional fees for advanced services, so you can choose based on your actual usage.

The best URL Shortener


Best URL Shortener

Bitly offers a full range of enterprise-grade URL shortening services. If you don’t need much, you can use the free version of the URL shortening feature, but the best part of Bitly is the business aspect.

It has a full-featured interface that allows you to track up to 20 pieces of real-time data, including user geolocation, number of shares, and more, which is very useful for marketing campaigns.

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The free version of Bitly allows you to customize the name of the URL in the second half of the URL and track click-through rates. However, since it’s free, there is a limit to the number of unbranded URLs you can create per month.

Of course, if you want to take care of your company brand, you can purchase the basic plan, which allows you to create 1,500 URLs with your company’s domain name and shows you who has clicked on your shared URLs.

Bitly is indeed the ideal URL shortening tool for large corporations looking to build branded URLs and track the effectiveness of their URLs.


Best URL Shortener

Rebrandly is also a professional commercial URL shortener. What sets it apart from other similar tools is the ability to create acronyms with custom URLs for products, individuals or brands.

Their free plan offers five custom domains, which you can use flexibly in your business cards, ads or websites.

Incidentally, the free version of Rebrandly also has the ability to track 5,000 URLs per month and automatically generate QR codes, so it’s really hard to find any flaws with it.


Best URL Shortener

Founded in 2002, TinyURL is a very old-fashioned URL shortener that is a very useful tool when you need to create a short URL that never expires in the shortest possible time.

The best part is that TinyURL is completely free to use, and it will automatically create a shortened URL for you, or you can customize the URL name in the second half of the URL.

In addition, at the bottom of the site you can see a snippet of HTML code provided by TinyURL that you can add to your site so that site visitors can paste the URL directly into the site to generate the URL.

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Best URL Shortener

Similar to Rebrandly, BL.INK is a full-featured URL shortener that not only shortens long URL into shorter ones, but also tracks traffic from the URLs.

You can see URL click trends and related information data in a dashboard on the site, and an analytics page lets you drill down into traffic by device used, geographic location, and inbound source. You can also view the number of clicks during a particular time of day.

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BL.INK offers five plans, namely Free, Expert, SMB, Team and Business, which you can choose according to your needs.

The free version offers free creation of 1,000 short URLs, and each shortened URL can track up to 1,000 clicks, and allows you to shorten URLs with a custom domain name.


Best URL Shortener

T2M is another full-service URL shortening company with a dashboard that presents activity and traffic tracking statistics with a simple and easy-to-navigate interface, one panel for geolocation information and another for usage platforms. In addition, T2M automatically generates a QR Code when a URL is generated.

T2M provides free URLs, it does not limit the number of short URLs you can create, but there is no tracking feature.

If you need more features, there are 5 plans to choose from: Basic, Standard, Pro, Premium and Dedicated, but the Basic plan has limited features, so if you need more features, you have to pay a little more every month.

You can use custom domain names and generate personalized URLs, enable passwords to protect your URLs, and generate multiple short URLs in one batch, and finally, there is a QR Code generation tool.

Best URL Shortener is a very old URL shortener, and its website is very clean and simple. It also provides the function of customizing the text of the second half of the URL

Best URL Shortener is another platform that creates branded URLs and URL management. It also generates QR codes for each short URL, as well as providing preview mode and user protection features.

Best URL Shortener is a free short URL generator. To use this tool, all you need to do is paste the original URL and click the shorten button.

Url Shortener

Best URL Shortener

URL Shortener is a Google Chrome extension that automatically copies shortened URLs to the clipboard and automatically generates QR codes for you.


Best URL Shortener

ShortURL can shorten long URLs from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other networks. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL and click the “Shorten URL” button.

There is a paid version that tracks the effectiveness of short URL clicks and supports smartphones, tablets and computers, as well as data encryption using the HTTPs protocol.

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Best URL Shortener is a free URL shortener that provides not only the basic shortening function but also the ability to customize the name at the end of the URL, which is not bad overall.

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Best URL Shortener

YOURLS is a scripting tool written in PHP that provides URL shortening service. You can easily create the short URLs you need and share the URLs quickly. In addition, it can also provide historical click reports, including source tracking and geographic location of clickers.

Best URL Shortener is another free URL shortener, and there should be no need to say much about it, just copy and paste it and click the button.

Frequently Asked Questions about URL Shortener

Is it really safe to use shortened URLs?

There are many good online tools for shortening URLs on the Internet, but shortening URLs may also cause security concerns because once the tool is targeted by a powerful hacker, there are ways to crack it and direct the generated links to websites with Internet viruses. Therefore, when choosing a tool for shortening URLs, it is important to choose a safe and reliable URL shortener to avoid such problems.

Is there a risk of data and personal information leakage when using short URLs?

Short URLs not only make the links look neat and tidy, but many URL tools also have built-in marketing effectiveness tracking functions, so when users click on a short URL, they can learn basic information about you through your browser, such as what browser you use and your approximate geographic location. Basically, it’s not private information, so don’t worry too much.


The above is the best URL shortener, including free and paid options, so you can pick one to use according to your needs.

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