What is ASMR? Best ASMR Youtuber to Soothe Your Mind

Why would anyone eat in front of the microphone Why do people make videos about hitting and tapping things? It’s a keyword that has become popular in recent years. There are already countless ASMR videos on YouTube channels, with tens of thousands of people watching them every day, and some of them have reached millions of views, or even over a billion! What is it about and why this kind of video is so appealing?

What is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). This term was coined by Jennifer Allen in 2010 and has only since become more established, but there are still many skeptics about ASMR because there are not many specific scientific explanations or research data.

ASMR is a sensory process that uses your senses, such as hearing, sight, smell, touch, etc., to cause a tingling, pleasurable stimulation in your skull, scalp, spine, back, and even extremities, or to give you an indescribable sensation.

In short, it is the stimulation of the skin, and produces a state of unusual pleasure, also like a slight flow of electricity.

ASMR Youtuber

Common ASMR Triggers

Since ASMR needs to be triggered by human perception, there are various types of Trigger.

In terms of senses, they can be divided into the following three categories and further subdivided.

  • Auditory/Heard
  • Visual/Observed
  • Tactile/Felt

Here are some of the most common ASMR Triggers, most of them are “sound” and “visual” based.

  1. Whispering
  2. Blowing
  3. Scratching
  4. Tapping
  5. Chewing
  6. Brushing
  7. Humming
  8. Walking
  9. Massage
  10. Page Turning
  11. Finger Fluttering

Just search on Google or YouTube

[ASMR] + [trigger]

You can find a lot of related videos.

Feelings after ASMR triggers

“Auditory” and “Visual” are the most common triggers for ASMR.

If you are stimulated in these ways, you will have three main feelings: no feeling, disgusting and good feeling, which will vary from person to person.

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Disgusting: Some triggers are disgusting, for example, if your voice is not well controlled, it will become like the sound of scraping a blackboard with your fingernails, many people will feel disgusted to hear this sound, the back is very uncomfortable, in addition, some people also hate the sound of tearing the hook and loop fastener and grinding teeth.

No feeling: as mentioned above, the sound of tearing the hook and loop fastener seems to be more acceptable to most people, so it does not sound disgusting, but also does not give people a sense of relaxation and pleasure, in short, no feeling.

Good feeling: If the touch can bring us a good feeling of tingling or pleasure, it is a form of touch that allows you to get ASMR, so many people rely on it to relax and calm their emotions. Because so many people get good feelings from ASMR triggers, this is an area that is getting more attention.

The maturity and emergence of the audio-visual production market

In the past, when technology was not so advanced, the quality of audio and video was very limited, and it was not easy to spread the technology. Now the equipment for filming and recording has become more sophisticated, especially with the advances in recording equipment that allow people to record more subtle sounds and learn about filming and recording techniques through the Internet. So now, with a little effort, you can learn to be a YouTuber, Podcaster, TikToker, or ASMRer.

The changing pressure of modern society

On the other hand, people’s pressure and work style has changed in modern society. Nowadays, the mental pressure is heavier, whether it is the pressure to go to school or work, and so on, there are invisible psychological disturbances, so the spiritual aspect needs to be healed.

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Discussions in various forums and communities

In the past, if you had ASMR feelings, no one would believe you even if you told them, because you felt it, but others did not, and they would think you were strange. But with the emergence of forums and communities, there is a place for people with similarities to meet and discuss common topics, so ASMR topics are discussed on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. So not only ASMR, but also white noise is popular. If you search for white noise or ASMR on YouTube, you can see a lot of videos about it.

ASMR YouTuber

ASMR KittyKlaw

KittyKlaw is a Russian ASMR YouTuber who has been making ASMR videos since 2016. She is very good at using various parts of her body to produce a variety of subtle sound stimuli, or using various foods, objects or whispers to create different auditory feasts.


SAS-ASMR is a ASMR Youtuber, who specializes in eating, doesn’t show her face much, but I feel like she’s eating every day! She has over 8 million subscribers, and watching her eat is a real blessing!

ASMR Suna 꿀꿀선아

There are a lot of good ASMRers in Korea, Suna is one of them, very young, also started this channel in 2016, she will use a wide range of ASMR methods, in addition to the usual ways, even involved in the animal world! It’s an eye-opener for me!

Made In France ASMR

This ASMRer from France, I have found that he often uses different props or entertainment to make ASMR videos, and if you click into his channel, you’ll find a lot of things that are not common.

Famous brands also use ASMR promotion

Did you know that not only YouTubers, but also famous companies around the world, use ASMR for marketing?


Apple has launched a series of ASMR videos in 2019, shot with professional equipment and paired with their own “AirPods” series of headphones for a great listening experience.

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One of the two videos below is about the process of polishing wood. The carpenter in the video uses various polishing techniques to make the ordinary wood sound in a variety of ways.

Another video was shot with rain-related sound. When it rains, if the raindrops fall on different objects, they will make different sounds. This type of sound is also considered white noise, through this type of sound, people can feel relaxed and stable, so the sound of rain is also used by many people as a tool to help them sleep or concentrate.


In early 2020, Pokémon released its first ASMR videos, one of which featured Charmander, a small fire dragon, sleeping next to a campfire. This video is also a great way to expand the ASMR trend.


IKEA launched the ASMR video as early as 2017, combining elements of their own products, and the popular ASMR with a sense of home, letting us know that ASMR is actually around us, touching different materials in various ways and creating subtle sounds, both visually and audibly, creating a comfortable atmosphere, and deepening many people’s impression of their brand. It creates a comfortable atmosphere, both visually and audibly.


ASMR is becoming more and more popular, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, take some time to learn more about it. It’s a new thing that has been catalyzed by advances in technology.

Some people have found physical and mental healing in this field, while others have used ASMR to expand their careers.

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