What is Instastalker? 2 Ways To Instastalk Others’ Instagram Stories

For any reason, sometimes you may want to be an Instastalker. Instastalker refers to those people who want to peek at other people’s Instagram, but you want to do it anonymously without letting them know.

In this article, we will show you 2 ways that allow instastalker to peek at others’ Instagram posts / stories with just a single click, and even download them to your phone or computer without logging in to your IG account, so you will never be discovered.


Can I peek at private Instagram account?

If you want to peek at private Instagram account anonymously, you may find some methods on the Internet that ask you to download a description file from an unknown source to your smartphone. This file could be malware or somehow contains virus. I don’t recommend you to download unauthorized files on your phone for any purposes

The only safer way is probably to set up a backup Instagram account. Using this backup account to instastalk others

2 Ways To Instastalk Others’ Instagram Stories

1. Using Chrome addon

  ”Hiddengram” is an chrome addon that allows you to instastalk at your friend and “public accounts” anonymously.

Step 1

  First, go to Chrome web store, search for “Hiddengram”, and click “Add to Chrome”.

2 Ways to instastalker

Step 2

  After install the addon, an “eye icon” will appear in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser window. This feature has two modes: “visible (green eye)” and “hidden (black eye)”.

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Step 3

  Then just go to Instagram, you can watch other people’s Instagram stories and posts without leave any traces and records!

2. Use the “storiesig.net” to view

 ”storiesig” is a website that allows you to view “public account” in real-time without logging in, and you can also download Instagram Stories Anonymously with the IG Story Viewer.

Step 1

  First, go to ” storiesig.net ” website, enter Instagram account ID in the field, and click the “ENTER” button.

storiesig instastalker

Step 2

  Then you’ll be able to view the latest STORIES and HIGHLIGHTS where you can download without leaving any traces!

I hope this tutorial helps you. Please share with your friend if you find it helpful.

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