Best Font Recognizers Recommended (2022 update)

Have you ever seen a nice font, but you don’t know the name of the font? For copy editors and designers, this is a fairly common problem, but fortunately there are many font recognizers available on the web.

This article will introduce 6 of the best font recognizers that allow you to look up the exact font name of your favorite font, so that you can find and use the same font.


Best Font Recognizers

Almost all designers know about the online font trading platform offered by MyFonts, and WhatTheFont is the best font recognition tool.

Just drag and drop the image of the font you want to recognize into the tool, select the text or character you want to analyze and click the button, and the results will be listed. This is the best font recognition tool we have tested so far, but the results are always good and bad.

For example, WhatTheFont can recognize Adobe Caslon, but Roboto cannot. The success of the recognition may be related to the quality of the image itself, but after a lot of trouble, we were able to recognize the special skewed fonts like Hombre, Satchmo and ITC Blackadder.

What Font Is?

Best Font Recognizers

What Font Is is a font recognizer created by Alexander Ciubari, a Romanian independent developer since about 2009, and now offers more than 500,000 font type files for recognition.

The tool itself is similar to WhatTheFont and is easy to use, but it may take longer to recognize and requires users to enter their own text to help the tool perform the recognition process.

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What Font Is is slightly better than WhatTheFont in recognizing common fonts, but less so in handwritten fonts. One of the experimental examples was to use WhatFontIs to recognize labels on whiskey, and although the results were incorrect, they were not too far off. This is the only tool we have tried that can recognize the font on a curved label.

Font Matcherator

Best Font Recognizers

Font Matcherator web-based font detection tool claims to be the most powerful tool on the web, but it failed to recognize some of the fonts when we tested 7 images containing 10 fonts.

On the other hand, it is simple to use. Just drag and drop the image file into the web page’s dialog box, and Matcherator will start analyzing it, opening the font overview, and so on.

Although it is easy to increase the recognition range of text or characters to improve recognition accuracy, it does not seem to improve the recognition results.

This conclusion can be drawn from two cases, one being that Matcherator rotated the image we uploaded by 90 degrees due to the website itself, and the second being that we only used one of the various fonts sold by Fontspring at the time of testing, thus explaining why the displayed results were not as good as expected. You can also try it yourself to get better results.

Fonts Ninja

Best Font Recognizers

Fonts Ninja‘s font recognition process can be a bit cumbersome and is divided into two parts. The first is the application software you have to install on your Mac, and the second is the extensions supported by browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

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When you see a font you like while surfing the web, you can click on the icon next to the browser’s URL field to activate the extension, and aim the line at the text that needs to be analyzed to get the result.

The Fonts Ninja font database contains 3000 fonts that can be recognized on typewriters and installed the font on your computer, it also offers alternatives such as Kontur for Graphik when no matching search results are available.


Best Font Recognizers

Identifont is an outdated tool that does not support OCR, AI, or web code scanning. Identifont, by contrast, is a questionnaire page that asks users what characters and font types they want to recognize, and then narrows the search from over 11,000 fonts to find the answer.

Identifont has performed well in our extensive text experiments, but may cause some frustration if you only have a few letterforms to look up.


Best Font Recognizers

Fount operates in the same way as WhatFont, a small bookmark tool that starts the font recognition process by dragging and dropping the page into the bookmark sidebar.

After installation, just click on the bookmark page and point the aiming line to the text you want to recognize, and the correct font name, size, thickness and style will pop up in the top right column.

It also provides links to font authors or font vendors. Although you can search for fonts used on a website by querying the HTML or CSS code of the page, it is quicker and easier to search for fonts using Fonts Ninja and WhatFont.

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The above is the introduction of the best font recognizers. I believe these applications can help you to recognize the correct fonts, so that you can also use good-looking fonts.

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