Best Free Emoji Website in 2022

Emojis were originally made up of a combination of text symbols, but as the internet evolved, they became what we see today, and are used not only on social media platforms, but also in instant messaging software.

Nowadays, social marketing has become a mainstream market, with platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter being used as tools to enhance official brand image.

Why do we need emojis so much? Because on the Internet, text does not convey emotions in the same way that people communicate face-to-face, using tone of voice, body language and facial expressions. If you make your text content too formal, it can distance your potential customers from your brand.

In order to effectively communicate with people online, you need to create an atmosphere of trust, whether it’s a friend chat or brand marketing.

Emojis are a great solution to this problem. Simply adding the right emoji at the end of a sentence can effectively reduce the feeling of being too formal and make the person feel relaxed about talking to you or reading your content.

Of course, emojis are still not suitable for use in formal emails or website content, but if you are connecting with customers through social media platforms or communication software, then there is nothing wrong with using a smiley face.

This article will introduce 15 of the best emoji and coloring tool websites that you can use on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or when chatting with friends using communication software, which will help you express your emotions better. is similar to Wikipedia in name, with a minimalist design and a constantly updated emoji library.

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You can use the search box to find your favorite emoji, or there are emoji categories and most popular symbols to choose from below.

In addition, the same emoji are categorized by Unicode version and platform, such as Facebook emoji, Instagram emoji and Apple emoji. has a rich resource of emoji and a clear and convenient guide to categorize them.

You can click on the icons in the upper right corner of the site to switch between categories. When you see an emoji you like, you can click on it and a window will appear below.

By the way, it also has a browser plug-in and an iOS app, so you can easily access the emojis on the site at any time. has 5 categories of emoticons and hundreds of smiley faces on the site that can be copied by clicking on the one you want.

The resource also includes text and tables, as well as the ability to convert ASCII to HEX, and the emojis on the site can be used on social media sites. has an interface that allows you to quickly select and copy emoji symbols, which are divided into 8 categories.

In addition, supports Twitter account login, so you can edit the content of your posts and add emojis directly on the site, and you can add emojis to text messages or emails. is a popular emoji tool with a total of 11 emoji categories. But it has not only emoji, but also fonts, word art and general symbols that can be copied and used, and all the symbol resources can be used on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

READ ALSO:   7 Super Useful Facebook Posting Hacks To Reach Your Page Audiences offers up to 700 emoji, which you can see in 12 groups at the top of the page. In addition to icons, the site also provides simple information about the history of emoji and the problems users often encounter. It’s as easy to use as any other website, click, copy and paste!

Emoji are only a small part of the website, it also offers cool elements such as text images and colorful characters for you to copy and use.

In Facebook Stuff, you can also find text styles and emoji that support Facebook symbols, so overall it’s quite a rich resource.

Most of the emojis on are open for free download, you can download emojis in PNG format, or if you need SVG format you need to pay for the Premium version.

In addition, Joypixels offers animations for use in chat or social media, as well as some themed stickers for download. is a website dedicated to providing American-style funny emojis. You can clearly feel the difference in its iconic style compared to the previous modest ones, which can be used in social media platforms and chatting apps. is a website dedicated to Facebook emoji, text patterns, color text and emoji animations.

You can click on the emoji you like and send it to Facebook directly. If you often need to post on Facebook, I recommend making this site my favorite. is a website dedicated to colorful characters, you can see a whole row of quirky emoticons made of symbols on the website, there are cute, funny and other types, because they are made of pure symbols, so they can be used on any platform.

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In addition, offers a Google Chrome plug-in, which you can install to quickly browse and add the emoticons on this site. provides emojis specifically for Facebook and Twitter, and it has a wide variety of emoticons and emojis, so if you are looking for a lot of this type of material, you can come to this site. is a unique one in this recommendation list, it provides all the materials with emoji symbols spelled out as text images, very cute and funny, you can use the search box to find your favorite emoji symbols and click Copy to copy them. specializes in Facebook emoji, but they can also be used on Instagram, Twitter and other social networking sites. Each symbol has a list of corresponding keywords, so it’s easy to search for them.

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