What Is EPS File Format? How to Open and Convert EPS Files?

This article will explain what an EPS file is, how it differs from other image files, which software can open EPS files, and how to convert EPS files to other image formats such as PNG or SVG.

What is EPS file

What is EPS file format?

A file with the extension EPS is used to encapsulate PostScript files. In general, it is used by graphics software to display images, backgrounds or design layouts.

The EPS file itself contains both text and image parts to depict the drawing of vector graphics, in addition to which it usually contains a preview image of the encapsulated dot matrix.

EPS is a prototype for earlier versions of AI format files. It can be encapsulated in PostScript, but it also uses “.EPSF” or “. EPSI” as a subfile name.

How do I open an EPS file?

EPS files can be opened and edited with vector graphics editing software, while other programs may be able to open it, but may not be able to edit it.EPS files, like all picture files, can be cropped, rotated and resized.

The main tools for opening and editing EPS files quickly and efficiently on Windows operating systems are drawing software and viewer software.

If you are looking for free software, EPS Viewer, OpenOffice Draw, LibreOffice Draw, GIMP, XnView MP, Okular, Scribus, Adobe Reader, and IrfanView can all open EPS files quickly.

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If you are using a Mac operating system, you can choose specialized software such as Apple Preview, QuarkXpress and Design Science MathType.

If you just need to view EPS files and don’t want to install or download any applications, Google Drive is a good way to open them, as long as your computer has a browser installed.

In addition, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Word (through the insert feature) also support EPS files, but they are not free to use.

How to convert EPS files?

Zamzar is the easiest way to convert EPS files, it is a free online conversion tool that can be operated directly in your browser, and can convert EPS files to JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG and other formats.

FileZigZag is similar to Zamzar, but it can only convert EPS files to PPT, HTML and ODG formats.

As for the EPS Viewer mentioned earlier, it can convert EPS files to JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF formats. In addition, you can also use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to convert EPS files by “File->Save As”.

Still can’t open EPS files?

Make sure the file you are using has the “.EPS” extension. You may have misread the extension because many of them look like EPS, so this happens from time to time.

For example, ESP looks very much like EPS, but the ESP file is the name of the plug-in for the games The Elder Scrolls and Xenoblade. If you try to open the ESP file with the EPS viewer and editor mentioned earlier, it will probably not open.

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The EPP file is similar and is associated with several file formats, but none of them have anything to do with EPS files. Some other sub-files that may confuse you are EPM and EAP.

Frequently Asked Questions about EPS files

1. Is an EPS file a vector or a dot matrix file?

EPS can contain either point matrix or vector files (or both), while the traditional vector file format can only contain vector files.

2. Can I edit EPS files?

Yes, but you need to use a vector file editing tool such as Adobe Illustrator for editing, or you can download the free software Inkscape.

Although Photoshop is the most suitable tool for editing pictures, vector files are more suitable to be edited by Illustrator.

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