What Is SWF File Format? How to Open and Convert SWF Files?

This article will explain what a SWF file is, how to open a SWF files you encounter, and which software can convert SWF to video files such as MP4.

what is swf file

What is a SWF file?

A SWF file, pronounced like “Swiff”, is a ShockwaveFlash video file created by Adobe that stores text and graphics.

Adobe has officially stopped supporting Flash animation updates, and now formats such as HTML5 videos and CSS3 animations have largely replaced SWF.

The Adobe family of products can create SWF files, but in addition to Adobe software, there are other applications that can generate ShockwaveFlash video files, such as MTASC or SWFTools.

SWF is an abbreviation of Small Web Format, but sometimes it is also called Shockwave Flash file.

How do I open a SWF file?

SWF files can be played on Sony PlayStation 3 and above or Nintendo Wii and other TV game consoles. It works similarly to a desktop browser, loading SWF files from a website and playing them.

Adobe Flash Player restricts other applications from opening SWF files, so we need different software to play these files.

Note that some SWF files are interactive games, while others may be non-interactive ads or tutorials, so SWF Player will not open all SWF files.

SWF File Player can play SWF game movies for free by finding “File > Open File” in the menu and selecting a SWF file from your computer. Of course, you have other options to open SWF files for free, such as MPC-HC and GOM Player.

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In addition, we recommend several good free SWF file players, such as SWF & FLV Player and Elmedia Player, but since they are mainly video or music players, you can’t use them to play SWF games.

In addition, SWF files can also be embedded in PDF files and opened with Adobe Reader.

Of course, Adobe’s own products can also open SWF files, such as Animate, Dreamweaver and After Effects.

Since you may need different programs to open different SWF files, Windows users can choose a specific subfile name to open with a specific application by setting the default program for file opening.

How to convert SWF files?

There are many free video file converters that can convert SWF files to video formats such as MP4, MOV, HTML5 and AVI, and some can convert SWF files to MP3 files and other audio file formats; Freemake Video Converter is a good example.

Another common one is FileZigZag, an online SWF conversion tool that can save files to GIF and PNG formats.

Adobe Animate can convert SWF files to EXE files, which makes it easier to run on computers without Flash Player installed.

How to edit SWF files?

SWF files are derived from FLA files (animation files developed by Adobe), which are relatively easier to edit.

SWF files are created by compiling these FLA files with Flash authoring programs.

Mac users will prefer to use Flash Decompiler Trillix, which can convert SWF files to FLA for decompiling and converting different components of SWF files without even installing Adobe Flash.

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In addition, JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler is a free and open source SWF to FLA tool that supports multiple platforms, so you can use it if you need more information about SWF files

Until May 2008, only Adobe software could play SWF files. Since then, Adobe has lifted the restrictions on SWF and FLV formats, so that many software later support viewing and editing SWF files.

Frequently asked questions about SWF files

How to create SWF files?

Since Adobe no longer supports Flash, you must download a third-party application like Sothink SWF Quicker to create SWF files. Search for information about any third-party applications before downloading them to avoid any security risks, such as leaking personal files or exposing your device to malware threats.

How do I download SWF files?

If the website link ends with .swf, you can enter the link in your web browser and choose where you want to save the SWF file. For compressed SWF files, you can right-click and select Browse Page Source, press Ctrl+F and type .swf to search for the file link and copy and paste it into the browser to download the file.

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