Best Approach to Create Good Twitter Username

As of this writing, Twitter claims to have 330 million active users, although it is unwilling to reveal the number of inactive accounts.

There’s a good chance your dream name has been taken.

When someone else registers your name or business name, particularly if they’re not even using it, it’s an unpleasant experience.

Twitter has a trademark policy in place, but if you don’t have a registered trademark for your name or company name, you’re definitely out of luck. Even superstars like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Love Hewitt have had to resort to workarounds like @TaylorSwift13 and @TheReal Jlh.

 Good Twitter Username

When it comes to creating a distinctive Twitter account, don’t utilize strange digits or odd acronyms if you aren’t already recognized

You may try these alternative methods instead.

Use a name that reflects you or your company’s identity

Use a name that reflects you or your company’s identity:  Not only will this name appear on your profile, but it will also appear in your Twitter URL, making it simple for others to locate your Twitter account. is the URL for your Twitter account. Your Twitter profile will be easy to locate in future searches for your business or yourself. Having a Twitter handle that is wholly unrelated to your actual name might make it difficult for others to locate you on the network.

It’s best to keep everything brief

Make an effort to keep your Twitter username brief. As a reminder, you have a maximum of 140 characters for tweets on Twitter, and your username can only be 15 characters long. If your username is too lengthy, it takes up precious character space in your tweets and discourages others from re-tweeting (reposting) your content. In addition, shorter usernames are more memorable and simpler to spell.

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Consider the use of keywords

Some businesses may opt to use a term or adjective to define their business, such as “@sandiegocardealer,” so that other users understand what they do. It may also aid in search engine optimization by positioning you towards the top of search page results.

 Good Twitter Username

The use of underscores should be kept to a minimum

To make a username more readable, underscores are used to create gaps between characters.

An underscore may be used to clearly separate words in a sentence.

Instead of saying @thetechgal, you might say @the_tech_gal, or anything like that.

With that said, it’s possible to go a little too far with the underscores.

The Twitter handle with underscores in the previous example is more difficult to read than the one without.

Using more than two underscores in a row is considered excessive.

Consistency is key

Make sure the name of your company or blog is accessible for domain registration and social media usernames. If you have a tool like NameChk, this can be done rapidly.

However, if you’re attempting to keep your personal identity under wraps, this won’t help.

For social media usernames, you may always use a shorter form of your domain name.

But having several social media accounts with distinct identities is a disaster. Assuming you’ve got a Facebook page with the username “jalensmith” your audience will be looking for you on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest using the same username.

If ” jalensmith ” was already used by your competition, and you choose a different username, guess to whom you’re now delivering your audience?

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For the sake of consistency, it’s best to avoid using the different usernames


It’s not necessary to spend a lot of time trying to come up with a catchy Twitter name.

Choosing a Twitter account that matches your company and your expertise is really essential.

You’ll stand out from the crowd if you follow the advice in this article!

It’s time to plan and schedule your tweets now that you have your Twitter username set to go!

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