How To Deal With Search Ranking Drop After Google Algorithm Update

If you want to do a good job on SEO, you must keep abreast of Google’s core algorithm update. On 3 June 2021, Google officially included “page experience” in the search ranking algorithm. In this article, we will share with you the key points of this algorithm update and tell you how to deal with search ranking drop.

How To Deal With Search Ranking Drop After Google Algorithm Update

Google Core Algorithm Updated

To create a better search experience and provide content that meets users’ intent, Google has been continuously updating its algorithm, and the updates are mostly announced in Google Search Center or Twitter, but not always.

Take the recently announced algorithm as an example, from June 3, 2021, Google will update the “June Core Algorithm”, adding “page experience” as one of the references for search ranking, and the update will take about one to two weeks, and the update was completed on June 12, and the second update was made in July.

Indicator    Core Content    Description   
LCP    Speed   The time required to load the maximum content elements of the site   
FID   Interaction   Responsiveness when interacting with the site (e.g., clicking buttons, filling out forms)   
CLS   Stability   Calculation of unintended layout changes when the site is loaded   

What Are The Effects Of Algorithm Updates?

Updates to the core algorithm usually have a significant impact on site rankings, but a drop in ranking does not mean that your content is of poor quality or against the rules, it’s just that the rankings keep changing as new sites or content keep coming out.

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For example, the ranking of movies in 2020 and 2021 will be significantly different, as new movies are released every year, the ranking will also change accordingly.

In recent years, the Google algorithm is almost always designed to improve “user experience”, and the goal is to provide search results that meet users’ “search intent”, in other words, the most important thing in Google’s search ranking is “website content”, as long as you write content that meets your target audience’s search intent and do what you should do, you don’t have to worry about the impact caused by the algorithm update. The impact of the algorithm update will not be a concern.

How To deal with the Search Ranking Drop?

Google keeps emphasizing that the most important reason affecting search ranking is website content.

3 steps of content strategy

  • Understand your strengths: Find out the characteristics and strengths of your products or services.
  • Analyze search intent: Analyze users’ search clues to summarize content needs.
  • Create quality content: Use search intent as the main axis to write content that users want to know or care about.

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Content Management Guide

If you want to make your website have stable traffic for a long time, you must produce quality original content to attract users’ attention, and make search engines determine that your website is highly relevant to users’ search intent.

  • Write series of content: such as product features and services comparison, ranking analysis, professional teaching, etc.
  • Create links for relevance: create internal links and external links in your articles and put keywords related to the topic.
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The quality of content can be evaluated by Google Search Quality Guide or through E-A-T indicators. We suggest producing professional, authoritative, and credible content steadily, and continuously tracking and analyzing SEO ranking changes, which is the only way to maintain website quality.

How To Deal With Search Ranking Drop After Google Algorithm Update

How To Deal With The Decline In Traffic ?

1. Observe the declined pages and keywords

Understand the reasons for the decline and the target page, and find out the target page that needs to be optimized and tuned again from there

2. Re-analyze the changes in SERPs

Re-examine the SERPs for the declined keywords, whether new sites are tampering with the site.

3. Base on the target page and keywords to develop a strategy

First of all, we should work on the order and group the keywords we want to improve and come up with an optimized operation strategy.

As long as you follow the steps with the above content management method, you will definitely see results.

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